New South Wales, Australia


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Will was great in a recent job we did for a series of digital video advertisements. He was punctual, professional and was really a pleasure to work with and direct. We would definitely work with Will again if the opportunity arose.

Recommended for Acting Feb 22, 2021

Will is a great pleasure to work with on set and exciting to share the screen with.

Recommended for Acting Dec 13, 2020

Professional, looks good on camera, punctual

Recommended for Modelling Oct 16, 2020

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professional, accommodating, takes direction well, easygoing and easy to work with

Recommended for Acting Oct 14, 2020

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Will is an awesome actor and his years of experience really shows. He's a great asset to have on set and is always happy to to lend is knowledge to others. Can't wait to work with him again in the future!

Recommended for Acting Sep 19, 2020

Arrived on time. Was easy to work with. Excellent natural abilities that translate so well onto screen.

Recommended for Acting Sep 7, 2020

Absolute legend to work with, will do again

Recommended for Acting Jul 14, 2020

I acted in a feature film titled 'Streets of Colour' where Will was a Production Manager. Always well organised and focused on the job at hand, whilst still attentive to the needs of cast and crew, I found him very encouraging, inspiring and easy to work with. He was highly proactive in his role and even graciously offered valuable advice from his vast experience as an actor. I recommend him highly and would definitely work with him again if given the opportunity.

Recommended for Production Management May 18, 2020

Will is one of those actors that you're glad was given the role - we were under a strict schedule, and he responded quickly and professionally. If you're reading this and wondering whether or not he should be hired; the answer is yes. Highly recommended, and fantastic on set! Thanks again Will

Recommended for Acting Feb 22, 2020

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Great at acting and in production roles.

Recommended for Acting Nov 14, 2019

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Will is a true professional and gave us exactly what was needed on the day. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Nov 6, 2019

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Will was amazing to work with. Super professional and experienced, would definitely recommend him for any acting jobs coming up!

Recommended for Acting Oct 30, 2019

Will was a lovely addition to our small shoot! Thank you for being amazingly collaborative and bringing a thoughtful commitment to set both days, to make the content the best it could be. Georgina. Producer, Heard Agency.

Recommended for Acting Sep 12, 2019

Will was a real asset to have on set. He was very punctual and took direction wonderfully. Would highly recommend Will for your future projects!

Recommended for Acting Sep 2, 2019

Will gives 500%. He remains calm and focused, even under extreme pressure and challenging circumstances, bringing a strong creative vision, coupled with decades of professional industry experience. Not only is he a superb actor who connects deeply with his character, but he is also a skilled director and production manager, so on the set you get the benefit of his wide breadth of knowledge and insight which he shares with sensitivity and integrity. Responsive and passionate. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Aug 12, 2019

Consummate professional with a lot of range, creativity and energy.

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2019

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Committed professional, very talented, easy to work with. Would highly recommend for future roles.

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2019

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Professional and a pleasure to work with. Will was very responsive in the casting stages and was fantastic to have on set!

Recommended for Modelling Apr 17, 2019

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Professional, easy to work with and the images/still's turned out great

Recommended for Modelling Mar 7, 2019

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Will was great to work with during our photo shoot, he took direction well, had a positive vibe about him and bought a level of professionalism that was required. i would not hesitate in recommending Will for any job he applies for.

Recommended for Modelling Feb 4, 2019

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