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Studio Experimental Demo, done to see how my vocals would fair in a recording studio environment.


Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
81 kg / 178 lbs
White / Caucasian
99 cm / 39 in
Skin color:
96 cm / 38 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Studio 111 : Level One, Screen acting Course. Tutor, Sally Spencer Harris.
  • Studio 111 : Studio 111, Audition Workshop. Tutor, Sally Spencer Harris
  • August Models and Talent : Audition and Casting Workshop. Tutor, Lynette Fordey
  • Barefoot Casting, Actors day Clinic
  • Seth Riggs (Singing for the Stars) C.D. Series : Speech Level Singing Technique
  • Robyn Hill (Teacher of Voice Production) : Day Workshop (Sing Right Techniques)
  • Robyn Hill (Teacher of Voice Production) : (Vocal Performance,Presentation and Stagecraft)
  • Turaki School : Stage Musicals (Voice Projection Techniques)
  • Jean Bassett (Operatic Vocal Tutor) : Scales,Tone production,Diaphramatic exercises.


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

Acting agent

Heroes and Villains

  • English
  • Maori

  • New Zealand
  • Maori

2019 - Shortland Street. Dialouge, Role, Policeman , House drug raid.
2007 - Shortland Street. Dialogue, Role as Husband, Mr Yardley.

2019 - Misadventures of Pacific Professional. Role, Corporate Company Employee. Dialogue. Producer Poporazzi Productions.
2019 - Naughty Bits. Role, Board of Directors member. Producer
2018 - The Adventures of Suzy Boon. Role, Beach protester.
2018 - Smoko. Role, Parent at Parent Teachers meeting. Dialogue. Producer
2018 - Dead. Role, Gay nightclub dancer.

2019 - Beat Cop. Policeman called Wayne. Lead role. Producer Morgyn Cliff.
2019 - Taking Action . Pool Lifeguard. Producer Sashca.
2018 - Garden of Eden. Lead role as Peter the Father. Dialogue. Producer , South Seas.
2018 - Bye Bye Tweety Pie . Role, Steve the Jogger in park. Dialogue. Producer James Pheonix, Last Chance Media.
2018 - Just Be Honest. Role, Barman. Dialouge. Producer Gavin Butler
2018 - Grind. Role, Gym attendant. Producer AUT.
2018 - The laughing People. Role, Office Worker. Dialogue. Producer.
2015 - Music Video. Role, performing as myself.. Song: "This Could Be The Night". Director Aidan Dickens, Illuminate Productions.

2019 - Snap Inspect. Lead role Brad as a Property Inspector. Dialogue. Producer, Other Agency.
2018 - Spark / Telco commercial. Role, Wedding Guest.
2018 - J Geeks Maori Tourism Auckland. Role, Tourist. Produced by the JGeeks.
2017 - Bourbon Woodstock commercial. Role, Party singer.
2017 - The Wealthy Institute. Role, Doctor. Director Gavin Butler, LA Baby Productions.
2010 - Armourguard Security. ADT monitor. Role, Burglar. Producer Lisa Macfarlane Velocity Creative.
2006 - Saint John's First Aid TV campaign. Role, Forklift Driver at Mitre10 Mega.
2006 - Platinum Visa commercial. Role, Bank Customer.
2005 - LTSA Drink Drive commercial. Pub Patron.

1998 "The Pirates of Penzance" Lead Male singing Role, as (Frederick).
1997- "Brigadoon" Lead male singing role as (Tommy Albright).
1996- "Theatre Restaurant"(various roles from shows).
1995- "Victorian Music Hall" (Solos,duets and chorus participation).
1994- "Christmas Variety Show" (Various xmas theme songs and stories).
1994- "Footrot flats."
I993- "Whodunit Murder Mystery" as suspect (Justin Gusting).
1993- "Theatre Reataurant" Triple Treat (Medley from various shows).
1992- "Christmas Variety Show"(Various xmas theme songs and stories).
1991- "Victorian Music Hall"(Mixture of Victorian drama and song of the Era).


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Heroes and Villains

2019- Legend of the Monkey, Season 2. Featured as a Blue Soldier.
2019 - Shortland Street. Role, Policeman, (armed Bomb Squad Support ). SPP
2019 - Shortland Street. Role, Policeman, dialogue. SPP
2019 - Ablaze , as a Store owner. Screentime productions.
2019 - Luminairies. Role, Opera House audience member. BBC
2019 - Luminairies . Role, Seance participant. BBC
2019 - Luminaries. Role, Gold Prospector BBC
2019 - Power Rangers , (various characters roles), a construction worker, dinner party guest, passer by, technician, park goer, TV personale.
2018 - Shortland Street (various characters roles), IV Bar Patron, Orderly, hospital staff, hospital patient, distinguished party guest of Dr Warner. SPP
2018 - Bad Seeds. Role, Political party supporter. SPP
2017 - Fresh Eggs. Role, Mayor election campaign attendant.
2017 - Murder is Forever. Role, Construction Worker.
2017 - 800 Words. Role, Boat Club Patron, townsfolk.
2017 - Filthy Rich. Role, Prison Guard. Screentime Productions.
2017 - Westside. Role, Wedding Guest. SPP
2017 - Power Rangers (various characters roles).
2017 - Shannara Chronicles. Role, Shadyvale Villager.
2016 - Shortland street ( various characters roles). SSP
2007 - Outrageous Fortune. Roles, (various) pool party goer, pub patron. Passer by.
2006 - Shortland Street, Business Man.
2004 - Secret Agent Men, (various) , sinister clown, disgruntled businessman Man.
2004 - Shortland Street, various.


Although I am not overly tall,I have good fashion sense and am very well presented when I dress up for certain occassions,have been often told I am quite photogenic.Trained as Qantas Flight Attendant and my physical attributes were a plus in helping gain that position.So any of the above Modelling formats,I would not be adverse to try my hand at.


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Country

Influences: Michael Jackson, Ub40, The Eagles, Celine Dion, Fleetwood Mac, Six60

2019- Collaboration for Suicide awareness, on the soundtrack "Dont Walk Away". Produced by Mphatic Mphatic, released to all digital formats.
2015- Released my own original Song called "This Could Be The Night" produced by Emmanuel Ensink. Music Video as well. Released on all digital formats.
2009- Contestant winner on the Singing Bee episode on TV2.
2009 - Third place getter on Heat 5, Homai Te Paki Paki , Maori TV
2007-2008- Recorded my own original song called "Sayin I Love You" with Producer Artist Richard Gannaway.
2007- "Homai Te Paki Paki ( Maori T.V.) contestant
2007- "Maorioke" Auditionee.
2004- Heinz Watties "Stars in their eyes" Winner,as (Freddy Mercury).Hilton Hotel Auckland.
2004- "Impersonation Talent Quest"as (Freddy Mercury) Bosuns Bar Howick,
2003- "Lips Sinc",as (Freddy Mercury)Glenfeild Tavern.
2004- "Karaoke Competition" winner at Waiuku Cossie Club.
2004- "Karaoke competition"winner at Tactics Bar Pakuranga.
2003- "Cock and Bull Idol" ,Ellerslie.
2002- "Cock and Bull Idol" semi finalist, Botany Downs.
2002- "Guest Artist" Gisbourne Country Music Club, (Annual Spectacular).
2002- "Guest Artist" Tauranga Country Music Club, (Annual Spectacular).
2001- "Karaoke Competition" 2nd place winner (Buzz Bar Pakuranga).
2001- "Karaoke Competition" winner (Luck at Last Restaurant) Whangamata.
2001- "Guest Artist" Gisbourne Country Music Club,(Annual Spectacular).
2000- "Guest Artist" for the "Dennis Marsh Show". Matamata Memorial Hall.
2000- "Guest Artist" Matamata Country Music Club. (Annual Spectacular).
2000- "Karaoke competition winner"(Red Gables Tavern)Hamilton.
1997- "Talent Quest winner" Taumarunui A.P. Show.
1995- "Talent Quest winner" Taumarunui Cossie Club.
1995- Performed for Allblacks.Their Pre World Tour visit (Taumarunui Rugby Grounds).

TV & Reality

2008- "Shortland Street",extra part (Gay Nightclub)patron.
2008- "Shortland Street",extra part as Feature role H&R Manager.
2007- "Maorioke"(Maori Television)Auditionee.
2007- "Homai Te pakipaki" (Maori Television) Heat Four, singing contestant.
2007- "Outrageous Fortune",extra work.(feature extra)as Millionaire Business Man.
2007- "Outrageous Fortune",extra part as Party goer.
2007- "Shortland Street",extra part as Hospital Patient.
2007- "Shortland Street",feature extra as Mr Yardley.
2006- "Saint Johns Fist Aid" TV Ad Campaign,TV1,TV2 and Prime (photographic Model) Mitre 10
2006- "Shortland Street",extra part as outdoor cafe patron.
2006- "Shortland Street",feature extra Business Man in Bank.
2006- "Outrageous Fortune" extra part as Prison inmate.
2005- "Shortland Street",extra part as Street pedestrian.
2005- "Shortland Street" ,extra part as visitor for patient.
2004- "Mataku",extra work as Prison inmate.
2004- "Mataku",extra work as Car accident bystander.
2004- "Secret Agent Men",(feature extra)as a sinister Clown.
2004- "Secret agent Men",extra work as Mountain Chalet Diner.
2004- "Secret Agent Men".(feature extra)as Angry Bank Manager at Theme Park.
2004- "L.T.S.A." Drink Drive Commercial,as background Pub extra.
2004- "Shortland Street",extra work as Hospital Cafateria customer.
2009- "Homai Te PakiPaki Contestant.T.V.3
2009- "The SINGING BEE winner of $10,000.00 on T.V.2 episode one on the Abba theme June 2009

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