Richard Warner

Guitarist, Composer

Ipswich, United Kingdom
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Can you feel me

01Can you feel me
02Calling me
03Wufflie Song
04I'm no Hero
05We're moving!
06What should I say
07Banger in the pan
08Moving on
010Roses and Thorns

Credits & experience

  • 'Spider!' series on TV : writer/composer of all the songs


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Favourite genres
  • Pop

Influences: Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkel, Katie Melua, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, Tom Paxton

My profile gives examples of my work. I became a member of the PRS after having written and composed the 13 songs for the 'Spider!' series of films, produced by Hibbert Ralph Entertainment, which were shown on the BBC throughout the 90's as well being broadcast in several countries around the world.

I play the guitar and compose ballads and children's songs, words and music. I am very much a solo artist, have never played in a band and would far rather compose for someone else to sing, although I have some experience singing songs composed about the host or hostess at special parties to audiences of up to about 200. The more serious ballads I've written are probably a little too autobiographical but I am extremely flexible and can write about most subjects.

Thanks for listening!
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