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Halifax, United Kingdom
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Ellie Goulding vs Avicii

Ellie Goulding - Love me like you do Avicii - Waiting for love Mash-up mix

01Ellie Goulding vs Avicii

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
55 kg / 121 lbs
White / Caucasian
83 cm / 33 in
Skin color:
78 cm / 31 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • University of Central Lancashire : BA Hons Degree in Film Production - 2:2
  • Runshaw College, Lancashire 04 - 06 : BTEC National Diploma in Media Studies - Triple Merit award


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Film & Stage Crew

College & University projects - (2004 - 2009)

Chorley Guardian Newspaper, Lancashire - (2010 - 2011)
Roll: Photographer / Journalist
Going out 7 - 8 times a day (6 days a week) and gathering photos & details regarding local news of interest for the newspaper. Uploading photos to the media grid (for all newspapers to use) and using MS Word to type up the story behind it.

UK Entertainment Channel, Isle of Wight - (2011)
Roll: Filming & editing crew / staff supervisor
Filming and editing musical & dramatic performances all around the south of England from church halls to festival headliners, such as The NY Drifters, DJ Yoda & the Russian Ballet.

BBC Football League Show (BBC1), Sky Sports, & club websites - (June 11 - Sept 15)
Roll: Cameraman
Filming football matches around the UK, logging the footage onto BBC Salfords systems ready for broadcasting.
Along the way I have worked with idols like: Clive Tilsley and Lebron James.

Feature film - (2012)
Roll: DOP
It was my responsibility to supervise and plan the visual aspects of the film made.

Sterling Events Group - (2012 - 2015)
Roll: Cameraman
Filming award ceremony's, corporate meetings and high-class celebrity venues; I film the event as it happens. Footage is usually projected onto huge screens, making sure the equipment is set up correctly, filming whats important, using creativity to gather the best shots for promo video's, etc, working with the event crew via radio communications to make sure everything runs smoothly.

With this job I have had the privilege to capture moments such as:
* The cast of Loose Women singing into my camera
* Lancashire's Olympic hero's awards
* The Duke of York, Princess Anne, Gary Lineker, Cleopatra, The Drifters...
Just to name a few, and in some utterly stunning venues.

Google UK Ltd - (June 2014 - Present)
Roll: Street View Photographer
Working away from home 6 days per week travelling across the UK & Internationally, using very unique camera equipment created by Google such as the Google Trekker/Trolley/Tripod & Car. Working with new clients in new locations every day, using the equipment to create the Google Street View experience, map planning, admin duties, constantly keeping in contact with the rest of the Google team while on locations, maintaining equipment.

Some big locations include:
* 10-11 Downing Street, London
* The Olympic Park & Stadium, London
* Royal School of Music, London
* Every single road in Manchester, North Cheshire & Lancashire
* Chedder Gorge, Chedder
* The Guiness factory, Ireland
* Glasgow Cathedral & Necropolis, Glasgow
* Arthur's Seat (mountain), Edinburgh
* The White Cliffs of the south coast
*Canary Wharf, London
* Wembley Stadium, London
* Loch Ness, Scotland
(All above 2014)
* UK grand tour 142 towns/cities 2017
* Switzerland grand tour 9 cities 2017
* Belgium grand tour 24 cities 2017

Feet and Spine, Manchester - (April 2016 - July 2016)
Roll: Management / Creative Media Developer
Working with a small team over 3 locations in Manchester & Liverpool, I was assigned to manage our Deansgate branch on my own, attract public business, serve customers, contact local companies and create business / contacts, create new media including promo videos, e-commerce, photography, magazines, leaflets, store banners, website banners, GIF’s, web development, travelling across the country, technical maintenance, courier management, admin duties and any other duties assigned.

ADI TV Ltd, Preston - (August 2016 - March 2017)
Roll: Live Broadcasting Service Operator
Working with a small team & independently, it's my job to monitor the live feeds of football matches across England in all major competitions. Constantly I am checking the feeds to make sure Camera Operators are capturing the best quality footage as it happens, which also includes being in constant contact with the Operators and talking through technical changes that need to be made to their cameras.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Photography website

+ Go Virtual UK - CEO - (2018 - Present)
Founder of Go Virtual UK, based in the UK and working nationally. My business' focus is to add other businesses to Google Maps by creating 360 panoramic photographs identical to those found on Street View. Photography website provided. Plans to expand on technology and location are in place to create 4K panoramic's, 360 videos, HTML5 packages (clients can add my content to their website) and panoramic's external to Google Maps such as car interiors and estate agency homes for sale.

+ Google UK Ltd. Photographer - (2014 - present)
Using unique camera equipment to capture 360 images of landmarks, roads & pedestrian zones, both indoor & outdoor on an International scale. Countries to date include England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland & Belgium. Using the Google Trekker, Tripod, Trolley & Car. Working closely with Google UK Ltd however I work almost completely solo so outstanding organisation, timing & problem solving are a daily must.

+ Managing my own Photography studio business 2012-2015 ( (Facebook: Richard gill photography)

+ Thousands of events filmed & photographed since 2010

+ BBC Football League show & Sky Sports Football Cameraman - (June 11 - Sept 15)

+ Sterling Events Cameraman - (2012-2015). Celebrity balls and performing artists has had me filming high profile clients such as Cleopatra, Gary Lineker, the Loose Women cast, 2012 Olympic winners, The Duke of York, Princess Anne, & many more

+ 3 months work experience with the UK Entertainment Channel, filming musicals and performing arts in theatres across the south of England. Editing 1 hour videos 5-6 times a week between filming.

+ Work experience - Chorley Guardian Newspaper - Photographer. Unpaid experience for 1 month (2010-2011)

+ Film Production Degree (2:2) awarded in 2009

+ Media Studies Diploma (x3 Merits) awarded in 2006

+ Self trained hobby since 1993

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