Becky F

Becky F

Birmingham, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

A great person to work with. Becky is very professional, skilled, patient, good at taking directions and excellent at improvisation too. We hope to work with Becky again soon.

Recommended for Actor Nov 9, 2018

StarNow Verified

A great model who we invited to complete an interview for the Fashion Project Live Magazine and I wish her the best for her modelling career.

Recommended for Model Oct 6, 2018

Becky is brilliant to work with. Professional and fun, and has lots of great ideas. Very highly recommended.

Recommended for Model Apr 21, 2018

Just a joy to work with

Recommended for Actor Mar 12, 2018

An asset to any production!

Recommended for Actor Mar 7, 2018

The real deal and to top it of she is a beautiful natural actress. Love working with Becky as her energy filters into every aspect of filming to authentically bring her character and scenes to life with amazing ease. Becky’s professionalism is an asset to any production.

Recommended for Actor Mar 1, 2018

I am so grateful to have worked alongside the amazing talent that is Becky Fowler. On camera acting comes naturally to her, she places herself into any characters shoes with ease and captures your attention as soon as she walks into any room. Very hard working and reliable.

Recommended for Actor Dec 17, 2017

Talented Actor and Pro Model

Recommended for Actor Dec 15, 2017

Very sweet look, photo's well

Recommended for Model Dec 14, 2017

very good 'castings to views' ratio, attractive portfolio

Recommended for Actor Dec 13, 2017

A reliable person who was able to provide amazing acting in her voice role and was really incredible to listen to, a life-like performance. Worth the time to contact with a great personality and entertaining talent.

Recommended for Actor Nov 19, 2017

I have been fortunate to have worked recently with Becky, the protagonist in the film where she immersed herself in the character and gave an amazing performance. Becky is a total professional, beautiful and talented and a pleasure to work with. This actor has a great future ahead of her and I cannot praise her work highly enough.

Recommended for Actor Oct 14, 2017

Becky is an actor you can trust, always able to take on new direction and make vital changes to character. As I director I seek talent that searches for their own concepts of character but yet still willing to read a few road signs along the way. Becky has a refined and professional approach. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Sep 2, 2017

StarNow Verified

A great portfolio. Rebecca's pictures ooze professionalism and she would be an asset to any production/photo shoot.

Recommended for Actor Apr 18, 2017

Recommended for Sep 18, 2019

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Recommended for Actor Apr 5, 2018

Recommended for Actor Mar 12, 2018

Recommended for Actor Mar 3, 2018

Recommended for Actor Feb 22, 2018

Recommended for Actor Feb 15, 2018

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