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Deejay was part of a corporate video shoot with us. He was great to work with. No issues at all. He took direction well and was keen to do a good job. We were pleased with his involvement and enjoyed working with him. Recommended as an easy-to-deal with guy who can get things done well and provide you with a solid acting service.

Recommended for Actor Oct 20, 2017

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Worked with Deejay on a video shoot for a food service client, very easy to deal and takes direction really well whilst also providing great input.

Recommended for Actor Jul 11, 2017

Deejay was great. Very professional and gave us exactly what we needed. no drama, all pro

Recommended for Actor Jun 14, 2017

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Deejay Williams, was selected as a lead talent in a recent television commercial for Motion Media Pictures. He was perfect in the role, and we would happily cast him in other future projects. MMP wishes Deejay every success with his future projects. Richard Long Producer/ Director Motion Media Pictures Ltd. Auckland

Recommended for Actor May 14, 2017

It was a treat to work under Deejay's direction for his beautiful multi-layered film. Deejay was able to share his vision clearly and "in full colours", he made everyone in the cast and crew feel at ease, thus making the whole process a very pleasant experience. I would be delighted to work for Deejay again.

Recommended for Casting May 7, 2017

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Deejay was very easy to work with! Very friendly and receptive! Thanks!

Recommended for Actor Jun 24, 2015

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I feel very fortunate that Deejay agreed to role in my film, he was very reliable and a pleasure to work with. A very talented guy who obviously knows his craft, he was able to add believable dimensions to his character with a gritty edge. Thanks again Deejay for your fantastic work and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Aug 25, 2012

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I have just wrapped filming on a 15 minute short film project with Deejay in the lead role. His enthusiasm and dedication to the project made him very easy and enjoyable to work with. I would work with Deejay again and recommend him to anyone looking for a committed and passionate actor.

Recommended for Actor Feb 20, 2012

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I had work with Deejay since from may 2011, he is professional actor am sure about that, will work with him again sometime in future.

Recommended for Actor Feb 19, 2012

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We had not met Deejay Williams before when we auditioned him for a role in our short film. He impressed us at the audition phase and was offered a significant role in the film. His role was that of a 'tortured soul' and we found Deejay to be extremely convincing in this. He has a fantastic look on screen and he is engaging to watch. We found Deejay to be humble, pleasant and extremely professional. He engaged fully with his role and was very easy to direct. He was very keen to explore his character and worked tirelessly on set to provide the best performance he could. We think he's a genuine talent and deserving of a very bright future in acting. We would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and I'd encourage all casting directors and directors to give him a shot. We think he's a very special talent. Good Luck Deejay!

Recommended for Actor Jun 2, 2011

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When you have a character specifically envisaged it can be tricky finding an actor to do it justice. All I can say is that Deejay is one of those actors. He did the role and himself proud- he was well prepared, and had a good understanding of his character- delivering to expectation and more. Outside of the filming Deejay continues to show his passion and motivation; he encourages others with helpful advice from his own experience, and shows he’s a keen team player. There is no question that we’d like to work with him again, and pass on our recommendation to anybody considering him for their project.

Recommended for Actor Apr 19, 2011

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I am a Director from sydney and I have just finished shooting a short film in Auckland New Zealand which Deejay was a part of. He has a great sense of timing and drama in his performance. Deejay is easy to work with and has a great look in front of camera. I'd highly recommend you meet Deejay and see for yourself. Chris Hobart - Giant Vision

Recommended for Actor Mar 27, 2011

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Recommended for Actor Jan 2, 2018

Recommended for Actor Apr 5, 2017

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Recommended for Actor May 6, 2015

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