Peter Woolley

Advertiser, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Writer / Director

Kent, United Kingdom
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The Ultimate Beverage Experience (Audio)

This is my voice-over track to a parody soft drink advertisement. Full video also linked on my page.

01The Ultimate Beverage Experience (Audio)

Credits & experience

  • Poison Honey : Writer/Director
  • Clementia's Curfew (available on Amazon, in ebook or paperback) : Author
  • The Moonshine War : Playwright
  • I AM AN ACTOR : Script Editor
  • I AM AN ACTOR : Sound Technician
  • The Ultimate Beverage Experience (PARODY AD) : Director
  • The Ultimate Beverage Experience (PARODY AD) : Editor
  • Galaxy's Coup TEASER TRAILER #1 : Director
  • Galaxy's Coup TEASER TRAILER #1 : Storyboard Artist
  • Galaxy's Coup TEASER TRAILER #1 : Editor
  • Home Fires (WW1 independent film) : Interviewer (Acting Role)
  • Home Fires (WW1 independent film) : Artwork Illustrator
  • Home Fires (WW1 independent film) : Audio Recording Assistant
  • Home Fires (WW1 independent film) : Production Assistant
  • Music Video - Yur Mum : Grip
  • Music Video (Title not yet released) : Production Assistant
  • Feature Film - Glamour : Production Assistant
  • Music Video - Tokyo Taboo, Whisky : Runner
  • ARE YOU READY TO ROCK - ET? (Animated Short) : Director
  • ARE YOU READY TO ROCK - ET? (Animated Short) : Storyboard Artist
  • ARE YOU READY TO ROCK - ET? (Animated Short) : Editor
  • The Ring TV Scene - ALTERNATE VERSION (Animated Short) : Director
  • The Ring TV Scene - ALTERNATE VERSION (Animated Short) : Storyboard Artist
  • The Ring TV Scene - ALTERNATE VERSION (Animated Short) : Editor
  • Mugged Off (Animated Short) : Director
  • Mugged Off (Animated Short) : Storyboard Artist
  • Mugged Off (Animated Short) : Editor
  • What If - Short Film (Film Oxford) : Co-Director
  • What If - Short Film (Film Oxford) : Storyboard Artist
  • Film Oxford : Studnet of the Directing Drama for TV and FILM course.
  • Film Oxford : Studnet of the Shooting Video course, and collaborator on small scale video production project.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


I primarily work as a Script Writer and Director. However I have experience across a range of roles at various levels of the production process.

Recently I worked as a grip on the production of a music video shot in London. Prior to this I have worked on a variety of other film shoots in different roles, both in the production and pre-production process. I have headed various animated projects, and most recently have been working as a script writer on a feature film currently shooting (title yet to be released).

I have studied on multiple film courses, and I am trained in the core aspects of film making, including use of the camera, sound equipment, lighting equipment, storyboarding, directing crew and actors, and using editing software in post-production.

I have directed several of my own projects, and continue to work on shoots headed by other directors and companies too.

Other positions I have held on other previous shoots are listed in my credits.

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