Restaurant/bar needed!

Restaurant/bar needed!

Victoria, Australia


Hi my name is John I am directing the short film Slanted Gutter. We are looking for a location to use for 2-3 hours on any day. The cafe/restaurant needs to be empty, but tables and chairs set up. The main cast will have their dialogue as extras sit behind them at other tables.

I write and direct short and feature films for international film festivals. Last year my short film White Paradise was a semi-finalist in 4 international film festivals, and my recent release Nightshift has already been nominated for a handful of awards.

My next film in production is going to be placed in even more festivals globally, and is of a broader scope in terms of storytelling and filmmaking craft.

We will be utilising a variety of cameras, including RED Digital 8K camera.

We will advertise your location and include it in the credits.

We will have a large crew and production on set, with food provided each shot.

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