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Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Nick - audio clip (Office)

This is a short sound file of my voice. I recorded it as if doing an MS-Office training video.

01Nick - audio clip (Office)
02Nick Wallace Voice

Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
90 kg / 198 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • MMA session for an introductory video for a MA school in Pembrokeshire. : Martial Art Instructor who might get work there.
  • Medieval Day at Cardigan Castle. : Monk,
  • Surviving Actors 2013 at Radisson Blu : Attended several seminars & workshops
  • Advanced Improvisation Workshop : All day workshop, various actors & scenarios
  • Surviving Actors 2012 : Various all-day workshops & seminars
  • Alchemy Of Screen Acting For Professional Actors : All day seminar (Feb 2011), directed by Andrew Higgs
  • Acting For Theatre & Stage (Advanced) : 12 week course focusing on acting in theatre & stage
  • Stage Acting For Experienced Actors : 12 week course focusing on essential acting techniques


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Edward Wynman Agency (Judith)

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York

Union memberships
  • Equity

Acting Experience

Corporate :
- George Davies, Cardigan Castle, Halloween Tours.
- Active Zombie (Won the top-prize for my makeup & 'walk'), Cardigan Zombie Walk.
- 'Dad' in two videos & voice-recordings. ESOL, Ladafilm Productions (Paid speaking role with script).
- Acted as a Team Member in the management video called 'Paradigm', directed by Steven Lee.
- Zombie Walk London - active Zombie throughout the day.
- Was one of 6 selected actors used for a photo-shoot session about PTSD.
- Played an active Zombie for all day event "World Zombie Day London".
- "Charlie's Angels" Video & Photoshoot for the British Heart Foundation (David Stewart).
- Acted in video/stills shoot for The Sunday Times Online (Alison Jackson).
- Played 'Corporate Investor #2' (speaking role), in the video-training-short 'Get Real' for The CornerShop Productions.
- November 2010 through Nov/Dec (7 shows). Performed as a member of the 1920's NYPD (as one of a group of four) at events called Prohibition1920.

Commercials :
- Featured Office worker/Trumpet player in 'E-Receptionist - part 3', by ARM-Direct.
- Played 'Dad' in Walk-on role for ASDA ("Disney") produced by RSA Films.
- Played 'passing admirer' in a commercial for Asahi Beer ("Japan Gold").
- Played a bookie, in a commercial for Paddy Power ("Bring on the ladies").
- Was the lead featured actor ("The Client") in a commercial for new media company Rolling Creativity, launched in February 2011.
- Played the main featured actor ("The Husband") in two commercials for Vic Smith's Beds, based in North London : “Delivery” and “Storage”.

Films :
- Played a rioting Football Hooligan in several violent scenes in the feature film "The Fall Of The Essex Boys".
- Played The Police Officer (IMDB credited role in 5 scenes) in 'Graceland' for a NFTS production.
- Played "Gary" (scripted role as the arguing boyfriend) in the short film "What-If", set in Central London.
- Played “Smiler” ('Killer Clown' character), in a preview of an upcoming feature film to be directed by Kevin Curtis, after he returns from the Cannes Films Festival.
- Was one of four featured Special Agents in the pilot episode 'Gen-Crisis', directed by Rozar Roulette.
- Acted as “man on mobile” in the film 'Life Line'.
- Acted in the film 'Professor Malika' produced by Incisor Films, as one half of a couple.
- Was an actor in the film "No More Time", directed by Israr Azam.
- Acted in several scenes based in a night club, in the film "The Naked Poet", starring and directed by Jason Barrett.
- Worked on the film “Conversationing” in a scene outside Holland Park Tube station, with assistant Director Elizabeth Dorsett.
- Acted with BBC Award runner up director Matthew Watt in a BBC feature film called “Coincidences”.
- “The Altruist”. I was dressed up and acted as the only ‘Elvis Presley in black’ at an Elvis convention, directed by James Kennedy.

Television :
- "Detective", "First Kill Last Kill" (Documentary, walk-on role), Crackit Productions.
- "Pervy Robot", "Erectron", TV-comedy-dating-show, Peninsula Films (9 Episodes).
- Walk-on role as Arresting Policeman in a TV Pilot for a European Drama series.
- Was a member of an active group aiding a magician in the BBC TV show 'The Magicians'.
- Played both a pub customer & pinball player in scenes from the new episode of ‘The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margret’ for BBC4.
- Played the part of a Press Photographer in a scene from the BBC2 TV series Lead Balloon, with Jack Dee as the interviewee.

Theatre :
- ‘Mr Brown’ (drama teacher ; scripted paid speaking role), "Cultural Differences", Deborah Kolade, Tramshed Theatre. 2 shows.

Additional Physical Skills :
- Black belt Assistant Instructor in Choi Kwang Do (also trained in TaeKwonDo & Karate)
- Expert in Improvisation.
- Body Popper, including locking, robotics, rave-style, moonwalks, etc..
- Many years of experience performing various character roles at public events.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Edward Wyman Casting Agency

Modeling Experience

- ESOL Educational Project, Dad, Smart Planet.
- Model for a photo-shoot for an online Golf shop, wearing a wide range of clothing styles, makes, poses, and footwear.
- Portfolio shoot with Studioiii in London, using a range of outfits, characters, and poses.
- Model on a TFP solo photo shoot session, with two professional photographers, including portrait, range-of-expressions, specialist lighting, casual and smart clothing changes.
- Model shoot with two photographers involving myself performing martial art moves including punches, kicks, and jumping-spinning kicks in an outdoor shoot using a combination of special flashes, filters, and various backdrop locations.


Dancing ability


Dancing agent

Edward Wynman

Dance styles
  • Breakdancing
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop

Dancing Experience (I only do Popping/Locking/Robotics/Glides now)

- Auditioned for, and got the part of, a Body-Popping Postman in a music video for the artist Jason Jamaine in February 2011.

- Retired undefeated as a B-Boy / Body-Popper on the club dance-floor. Won every battle from 1985 to 1997 when I 'retired' after a 45 min battle which I won, exhausted. All battles were in breakdancing and body-popping

- Performed as a 'Body Popping City Gent' in the student short film 'City Dance-Off' in June 2010.

- I have lots of experience Breakdancing and Body-Popping in clubs, bars, parties, and on the street.

- In my past, I used to do power moves (8 step, backspins, windmills, turtles, etc) and body popping, but now I just concentrate on locking and popping-based moves (Popping, locking, robotics, floats, etc).

- I am very good at Moonwalk/Glide variations (including forwards, sideways, and an impressive circleglide), and still amaze people with the smoothness of my moves. I started when I was 14, and 'retired' undefeated in 1997. I do the occasional demo of simple moves in bars and for friends.

- I've also got a bit of Jazz style dancing experience as I can do the Charleston and variations thereof, among other styles : I can easily adapt and learn styles quickly as I've got rhythm and co-ordination.

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