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Voiceover Actors Needed for Animated Short Film Collaboration

Voiceover Actors Needed for Animated Short Film Collaboration

Job can be done from home worldwide
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Short Film
Shortlisting is underway now.Shortlisting is underway now. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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Indie short film - no/low budget
Though we cannot provide the large sum the site requests, we can pay actors each a small thanks depending on their role and efforts as gratitude.

This film is being made to raise awareness on post-pregnancy life woman experience upon returning to the workplace. It will be submitted to festivals. Participants are also welcome to share the film on their social media sites as long as credit is given.

The role requires someone mature who can depict emotion and vulnerability in their voice whilst at the same time, understand the essence of motherhood. Below is a mini description of the film.

The film will explore how a woman life is affected after giving birth: How it affects her day to day life, her feelings of being singles out, ignored in the work place and how isolating it can feel. The film will be animated so the emotions must be portrayed with your voice. There will be several roles involved for this.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours depending on role

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - Indie film - no/low budget - time required varies on the role and screen time. I would encourage rehearsals if you are comfortable and happy (done online) and I will provide materials to assist all.

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Female lead - Mother

An aspiring and successful woman in her field, who becomes singles out and rejected post labour and feels isolated.

Female, aged 20 to 45

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The nurse who will be encouraging the mother in the labour room (soft spoken, gentle and encouraging - dialogue will add up to around a minute)

Female, aged 30 and over

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Husband to protagonist

Husband to the mother, he sounds very busy with work but tries his best to reassure and comfort his wife. Your voice should have both a firm and soft side.

Male, aged 20 to 45

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The boss of the company - very cold, intimidating voice - sounds unbothered by others opinions and emotions

Anyone, aged 30 and over

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Co - workers

Multiple people can apply for this as there will be three key co-workers - you must sound busy and uninterested - more engaged with your work, and when she asks you a question, sarcasm must be present in your voice. That sense of attitude is important to depict her surroundings to the audience.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 28 September 2021
Applications close: 27 October 2021
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