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Actress 18-29 Wanted for Student Sitcom "Wilma's Housemates" on YouTube

Actress 18-29 Wanted for Student Sitcom "Wilma's Housemates" on YouTube

London, UK
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Actress required to play the part of Karena "Rena" Clefford.

The sitcom has 8 main characters of which Rena is one. There will be separate castings in future for 5 of the 8 characters.

The sitcom is a dramatic-ish, sci-fi-ish comedy with the occasional Inner Dialogue Voice Over (IDVO) in order to reveal part of a character's inner life.
The Rena character has an IDVO in the first episode. The voice-over equivalent of a soliloquy.

The director on set/location will be Francisca Cabouco; a young director from Portugal with £2300 sony camera. She is listed on StarNow.

The actress to play Wilma has already been cast. It's London-based American actress Katherine Forbes who is listed on StarNow.

My (speaking now as Ben) own experience is in writing comedy and doing YouTube videos with personality typology professionals such as Katherine Fauvre (the creator of Tritype), Dr Victor Gulenko (the Ukrainian socionist), Dr Dario Nardi (who has been researching the EEG brain activity related to Jung-Keirsey personalty types). This experience I have applied to creating multi-dimensional characters.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - Student film.

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

All advertisers agree to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act and are responsible for defining the nature of their production and any payment requirements. Find out more.

This sitcom will be made in London not Leicester.

Edited 01 September 2021

Rena Clefford

The character's mother is Russian and her father cockney. Rena speaks in three ways: cockney, posh (she went to Roedean aged 14-18), and "middle class" (she studied psychology at Oxford). She is a character who is so off-grid that Wilma suspects she might be in the mob. Rena has a mama grizzly personality in that she is very protective and will even use drastic measures to protect innocents. This is a story point in episode 5. Personality types: MBTI ESFJ. Enneagram type 2 'The Helper'.

Female, aged 18 to 29

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
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Wilma Twindley

Wilma is so intelligent it can be hard for other to keep up. She tangents a lot. In MBTI terms, she has ENTP preferences. She's very creative. Her day job is as a member of a London-based libertarian think tank. She writes standup comedy for her best friend Rena and collaborates and sometimes argues with socialist Laura. Wilma writes science fiction and is inspired by her science fiction dreams. Why she has these dreams is a running theme. Wilma has a high opinion of herself.

Female, aged 18 to 29

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Accents: USA Southern
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Tamsy Lee

Tamsy is a mystic hiding in the plain light of day. She gives of the impression of being a fraud but she's the real deal: she has intuitive powers. In the first episode of the sitcom, she has an Inner Dialogue Voice Over about her intuition not being respected from a child and generally not being "seen". Tamsy's MBTI is INFJ introvert of intuitive type with subsidiary feeling. Ideally, I'd like to cast an actress with Jamaican heritage to inform the characterization esp style of humour.

Female, aged 18 to 29

  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent
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Listing created: 29 August 2021
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