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Singer for "Kent Convoy" - Parody of "Convoy" Song

Singer for "Kent Convoy" - Parody of "Convoy" Song

Job can be done from home worldwide
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Below are the lyrics for "Kent Convoy" our Parody of "Convoy".
We're happy to adjust these lyrics by discussion with whoever takes this on.

We need good quality audio recording (WAV & MP3).
Video is optional.

Urgent requirement!

You must make sure that you are very familiar with the original.

You can use a backing track (as long as you give us details), or record the music as well as vocals

We need to hear example of you singing (unaccompanied is fine) - either the lyrics here (as far as the asterisks at least), or an existing track you have recorded in a roughly similar genre.

Either English or American accent is fine.
We are looking for someone who will enjoy this & have some fun making the video.

This is a charity venture and all our profits will be for coronavirus charities. A small fee is available if required.

Ok Stander one-nine, this here’s the Cluster Duck.
You got a copy on me, Parked-Up, c’mon.
Ah, yeah, 10-4, Parked-Up, fer shure, fer shure.
By golly, it's jam packed from Ashford, c'mon.
Yeah, that's a big 10-4 there, Parked-Up.
Yeah, we definitely got the Big Jam, good buddy.
Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.
Was a heck of a plan for the first day of Jan,
Glad the trailers get some beds.
Cab-over Carl with a permit on.
And a Jimmy haulin' Meds.
Should be headin' for space on M – two - oh.
'Bout a mile outta Ashford Town.
I says, "Parked Up, this here's the Cluster Duck.
"And I’d love to put the hammer down"

'Cause we got a little ol' convoy,
Stuck here through the night.
Yeah, we got a little ol' convoy,
Ain't this a load of shite?
You’ve all joined our convoy,
You’re all gonna get in our way,
We wanta roll this truckin' convoy,
Stuck since yesterday.

Convoy! (Ah, breaker, Parked Up, this here's the Duck)
And, you wanna back off them Meds? Convoy
Yeah, 10-4, fifty mile or so.
Ten, roger. Them Meds is hitting their dates up here.
By the time we saw the sun go down
We had ninety-five trucks in all
Makes a roadblock up on the overpass
And customs was wall-to-wall
Yeah, them Tories is thick as tyres on a truck
They even had a Gove on the road
I says, "Callin' all trucks, this here's the Duck
"I’m still in a stationary mode”.


Convoy! (Ah, you wanna give me a 10-9 on that, Parked Up?)
Convoy! (Negatory, Parked Up, we’re all so late.
Yeah, them Meds is startin' to missin’ their date.
Mercy sakes, are you ready for another long wait?

Well we saw 5 lanes all pointin’ South
Full o’ trucks like trains on rails;
Left just one lane for us goin’ North
And our trucks all nose to tails.
We done the channel, oh mister Raab,
Them Customs looked with pity,
And now we should be swallowin’ road
And headed for the City.
There’s cars and trucks and coaches too,
And a trailer with Noah’s Ark.
I think the trucks streamed to that road.
When released from lorry park.
Well we’re still stood still , so let’s go for broke,
Share a coffee on the verge;
But I wonder who can see a Port-a-Loo,
Since I’ve now got an urgent urge.
Ah, Cluster Duck to Kentbuster, come over;
Yeah, 10-4, Kentbuster?
Listen, you wanna tell Customs the meds going off, is any way he can get through?
Yeah I’m hauling quiche,
and I think each
of them is going off too.
Well we laid to sleep in our cabins all,
Prepared to stay all night.
I could see we’d got no moving call,
But you can wake me if moves in sight,
I says, "Parked Up, this here's the Cluster Duck"
"We just livin’ through a large own goal.
Well I don’t feel alive under fifty-five"
“ And That’s take back control? 10-4"


Convoy! (Ah, 10-4, Parked Up, what's your twenty?)
Convoy! (ROCHESTER? Well, they oughta know what to do with them Meds out there fer sure)
Convoy! (Well, mercy sakes, good buddy, we gonna back on outta here, so keep the bugs off your Meds and the beds)
Convoy! (Off your tail, We'll catch you on the flip-flop. This here's the Cluster Duck on the side)
Convoy! (We stuck, 'bye, 'bye).

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

As soon as possible. Very topical.

Job payment

Fixed price of £50 - A fee of of up to £50 GBP is available for delivering to full specification. (Charity Project)

Lead singer

Must be able to reproduce the style of the original, both in singing and the narrative "chat"

Anyone, aged 18 and over

  • Vocal ability: Lead singer

Applications closed 30 September 2020.

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