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Actors for Low Budget Feature Film

Actors for Low Budget Feature Film

Worcester, UK. Apply from all UK.
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All Applications due by 20th October.

Danny is a 22 year old estate agent living in a English town. His life is fine. But just that, fine. It will continue to be fine until the day he dies.

That Friday was like so many before it. Mum and Dad barely talking and Charlie (his fifteen year old brother) begging Danny not to make him go to school. The bullies would be there in real life not just online. Charlie hates everything about life except the X-box and Danny.

At work Danny flirts with Kate as usual. He doesn't know if he likes Kate, but she’s pretty and she’s there. Danny is a breath of fresh air to Kate whose life consists of work and caring for her alcoholic mother. For that she loves Danny.

After work he and Ian, his best friend, kick a football about. Ian tells Danny he doesn’t know how he’ll find a house with his now pregnant girlfriend, Tina. His delivery job barely pays enough for food and pot. At the pub Danny tells Ian he saw his whole life stretching out before him. Ian catches the bus home but Danny doesn’t follow him.

Tragedy strikes

While Danny lies in a coma his friends and family are cut adrift, lost in a world without light. Life moves from stagnant miopia to a frantic search for something more.

Charlie faces his demons and stands up to his bullies. Ian finds freedom from his monetary problems through an old friend with serious consequences. Kate finally stands up to her mother and fulfils Danny’s dream. Dad escapes into the arms of an old flame but finds the past is not a place he can live in. Mum, wracked with grief, considers following Danny’s escape route.

StarNow note for talent: Website or example of previous work available upon application.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Shooting 3rd November - 16th November

Job payment

This job is unpaid

Expenses paid - Travel, food and lodging covered

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An affable attractive young man who is a source of hope for all those around. He comes from a lower middle class family and has always lived in Worcester. Danny could have gone to university but couldn’t be bothered so he became an estate, a job he’s pretty good at although it doesn’t fill him with Joy. best friends with Ian because they’ve played football together since they were 12. Toys with the idea of fancying Kate.

Male, aged 21 to 30

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Attractive lady, whose single mother is an alcoholic. Kate is bright but scraped through school because of her useless mother and her string of vile boyfriends. Kate enjoys her job as an estate agent as it is an escape from the house where she is effectively her mother’s carer. She is in love with Danny.

Female, aged 20 to 29

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Ian is Danny’s best mate. He is a product of the care system angry and disillusioned. He makes ends meet as a delivery rider which he hates, but it means he can afford a few pints and enough Pot. He probably loves his girlfriend Tina who is pregnant. Regardless of his feelings for Tina he would like to be a better dad than his was although life seems set to thwart him at every turn.

Male, aged 20 to 29

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Dave was in love with Christine but one drunken night he got Sue pregnant and decided to do the right thing by marrying her. They had Danny just months later. Seven years and more booze later Charlie was conceived. Dave trudges through life, he doesn’t hate or hurt his family but he doesn’t really love them either, although he has provided them with a nice house and a decent life.

Male, aged 44 to 56

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Sue always wanted to be a mum so Danny and Charlie have been nothing but a joy to her. She doesn’t love Dave but she keeps a good home and she lets Dave sleep with her at least once a month.

Female, aged 45 to 57

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Ian’s pregnant girlfriend. Tori has always lived in a council house. She is not the sharpest tool in the box. Her job in Asda pays the bills. Tori would happily make a little life for herself, Ian and the Baby in a council flat. He is kind and wants to help Ian be free of his demons.

Female, aged 18 to 27

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Glamorous, tanned and tired. Left Worcester at 22 just after Dave proposed to Sue. She has toured the world crooning on cruise liners. Sue mum fell very ill two months ago so Sue has been forced to return to Worcester and take a job working in a bar.

Female, aged 45 to 56

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Barely Function alcoholic, Kate’s Mother.

Female, aged 45 to 54

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Local hard man and drug dealer.

Male, aged 26 to 36

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Kind Housing Officer

Female, aged 32 and over

Applications closed 24 October 2019.


Busy Body and senior Estate Agent

Female, aged 39 and over

Applications closed 24 October 2019.

Doctor Bradburn

Anyone, aged 30 and over

Applications closed 24 October 2019.

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