Trust & Safety
Trust & Safety

Complaints about listings or members

We take member safety very seriously. We know how important it is for both casting professionals and talent to work with people who are reliable and professional, so we wanted to remind you of our ‘Report’ features.

Reporting a casting professional or listing

If you have concerns about a listing or casting professional please use the 'Report this listing' button at the bottom of the listing.

Reporting messages

To inform us of an inappropriate message, click the 'Report this message' button from the message in your inbox.

Reporting talent
  • Go to your ‘My Listings’ page
  • Click ‘Manage Applications’ on any of your listings
  • Select the talent you wish to give feedback on
  • Click the ‘Report’ button to the bottom right hand side of their application.

You’ll see a reminder of your feedback next to their application, so you can choose whether to consider them this time around.

What happens next

Your feedback allows us to take reasonable actions to help ensure you can rely on a quality experience through StarNow. Consequences for talent or casting professionals who receive negative feedback range from a reminder about what’s expected of our members, through to being removed from StarNow.

For privacy reasons, negative feedback is not publically displayed and the members are not told who placed the report.

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