Trust & Safety
Trust & Safety

Roles involving nudity

At some stage in your career, you may be asked to audition for a role or photo shoot that requires nudity. What should you do?

Our tips are below. In a nutshell, there may be times when nudity (or partial nudity) is required for artistic purposes, but it's very important that you feel comfortable at all times, and keep safe.

Approach any request for nudity with extreme caution.

Never go nude for an audition

Being asked to strip for an audition is not standard practice. Your internal alarm bells should go off if any potential employer asks to see you perform naked at a first-round audition.

You should also never send a video of yourself auditioning in the nude, no matter what the role.

It's okay to say no

Don't feel pressured to take off your clothes. If you are ever asked to de-robe during an audition, you have the right to say no. In fact, it's professional to question such a request. If the casting is for an amateur or low-budget production, the person in charge may be inept at managing such things, and is therefore unnecessarily putting you on the spot.

If you are ever asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable and you're not sure how to proceed, ask for a break to call your agent or a support person for guidance. If you're unhappy with how an audition is working out, you can leave.

Read the script and job description carefully

Make sure you're aware of the role and what it involves before you attend an audition, so there are no surprises. If a role involves nudity, it should be specified in the casting call.

There may be a nudity clause that you're required to sign before you are cast in a role – always read contracts carefully before signing.

Be wary of 'private' auditions

Never attend an audition in someone's home or in a hotel room. We recommend always telling a friend or family member in advance where your audition is being held. You are also entitled to bring a support person along to an audition if you wish.

If you are cast in a role involving nudity

First, check that you are getting paid. Any roles involving nudity should pay at least the national minimum wage or higher.

Any on-screen nudity in a professional production should be pre-arranged. There will usually be what's known as a closed set, with only essential and approved staff present.

All the scenes should be discussed with you beforehand, so you understand exactly what is required and feel comfortable with it.

When shooting, a few 'modesty tools' should be in place, e.g. changing facilities, someone standing by to hand you a dressing gown between takes, etc.

We recommend advertisers follow clear guidelines to ensure intimate scenes are created with great care - please take a look at these intimacy guidelines for recommended behaviour and best practise: Times Up's guide on your rights in nude, intimate, and sex scenes


If you have been asked to audition nude for a casting on StarNow that did not mention nudity, please contact us immediately.