Common questions

Are there any costs involved?

For Talent

It's free to create a basic profile using a Trial Membership, and trial members can apply to some listings for free. To apply for unlimited jobs on site, appear in our Talent Directory, enhance profiles or applications, get priority access to listings and more, members need to select one of our paid membership options, which are about the cost of a fancy coffee a month.

We don't take a commission or charge booking fees on work booked through our site.

We rarely place listings where there is a fee payable to the Casting Professional upon application, but if we do, this will be stated upfront on the listing – for example, an entry fee for a beauty pageant.

For Casting Professionals

It's free to place a listing, and to contact anyone who has applied to that listing.

If you would like your listing to be promoted in the search results, you may pay a small fee for this – you'll be offered this opportunity during the ‘place a listing' process and can skip it if you like.

There is a small charge if you would like to contact members via our Talent Directory. After the first message, it's free to send additional messages to the same member.

Casting Professionals who purchase a subscription can contact up to 50 other members free of charge, in addition to applying for jobs and auditions. This works well for some of our members who work both as Talent and Casting Professionals.

Please note, the message system is reserved for casting related communication only, and we don't allow sales or promotional messages to be sent.

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