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How does StarNow work?

StarNow is an online marketplace where Talent and Casting Professionals connect directly, about jobs and auditions in the entertainment industry. 
It’s fast, efficient, cost effective and you’re in control! 
We’re on a mission to make casting simple, safe and accessible.

For Talent

We welcome people of every age, ethnicity, location and experience level.

You simply register online, and create a profile that showcases your interests, skills, experience. Our members apply directly to jobs and auditions that interest them.

You can search all of the jobs available on our website, and we'll also email you updates on jobs that match you. If you're a dancer living in Wales and a listing comes in looking for someone like you, we'll let you know!

It's free to create a basic profile using a Trial Membership, and trial members can apply to some listings for free. To apply for unlimited jobs on site, appear in our Talent Directory, enhance profiles or applications, get priority access to listings and more, members need to select one of our paid membership options, which are about the cost of a fancy coffee a month.

Our members include actors, extras, models, social influencers, dancers, musicians, hair and make-up artists, crew and more. You can be a total beginner right through to a seasoned professional.

You can expect to find a wide range of jobs on our site that cater for every level of experience, and you can filter these to find the best fit for you (e.g. paid or unpaid, in your area or further afield).

You communicate directly with the Casting Director on everything, including agreeing any rates of pay and processing of payments. StarNow is not an agent and we don't take commission on your earnings or invoice on your behalf.

Join now, or check out some success stories from people just like you.

For Casting Professionals

StarNow is a free online casting and audition service for casting professionals, designed to help you to find the perfect person for your next production.

It's free to place a casting call on our website, and talent who match your brief will be able to apply directly to you via our site.

We have a simple but clever application management system to help you view and sort applicants, and message those you wish to audition or book for a job. You communicate directly with the talent on everything, including agreeing any rates of pay and processing of payments. StarNow is not an agent and we don't take commission from talent on jobs booked.

You can also search our Talent Directory and contact talent directly about opportunities. This only features some of our talent but you'll find over one million actors, extras, models, musicians, photographers, dancers and entertainers who are actively looking for opportunities like yours.

A huge range of Casting Professionals use StarNow to find talent for productions, both big (think Star Wars) and small (think student short film). Our users include the BBC, Disney, ABC, NBC, indie filmmakers, photographers building their portfolios, advertising agencies, production companies, extras co-ordinators and more.

It couldn't be simpler to get started.

Place your free casting call here or read our top tips for finding the talent right for you.

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