Heather Elise Nelson

Heather Elise Nelson Pro

Manchester, United Kingdom


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Booked Heather for a photography session, turned up on time, bags of enthusiasm, & very professional. An absolute joy to work with, no hesitation in recommending Heather.

Recommended for Modelling Sep 5, 2021

Excellent as always!!

Recommended for Acting Jul 23, 2021

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Higher recommend Heather, she turned up early for the presenting role at Surged Ltd. She was extremely professional, got along with everyone and was very easy to direct. Considering we had only given her a script a couple of hours before filming, She read her lines perfectly, and only needed 1 take. We cannot wait to work with her again.

Recommended for Presenting Apr 20, 2021

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Very professional, excellent to work with. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Influencer Nov 25, 2020

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Heather was amazing, nailed it on the first take. Would definitely recommend for future castings!

Recommended for Acting Oct 16, 2020

Heather is easy to work with and has done a great job presenting for us, so much so we have already hired her for another role.

Recommended for Presenting Oct 9, 2020

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Exceptional actress, understood her role perfectly, and was able to give life to the character just as we imagined, and better. Very professional and lovely to work with. I hope to work with Heather again.

Recommended for Acting Nov 27, 2019

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A comment the Director made "This young lady has exceptional acting ability".

Recommended for Acting Nov 20, 2019

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Heather worked with me on a recent video shoot and was great. She is very bubbly and it lots of fun and was perfect for the role. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Extras Nov 11, 2019

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Absolutely fantastic actress, very fun to work with yet completely professional with the performance. Love to work with Heather again

Recommended for Acting Jul 30, 2019

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Professional, enthusiastic and very responsive.

Recommended for Acting May 31, 2019

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Great help in all of our castings. Friendly and happy to help

Recommended for Extras May 9, 2019

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Thanks Heather for being great during lead up to the shoot! Thank you for arriving early! (despite car difficulties!) Loved your infectious enthusiasm on set today... I think you’re a one off. A pleasure to cast! ...and act with! Best of luck! Jonathan.

Recommended for Acting Dec 12, 2018

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Great fun to work with. Worked well as part of a team, takes instructions well.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 1, 2018

A professional actress, who helps other cast members bring their best performances. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone they can 100% trust.

Recommended for Acting Oct 2, 2017

An asset to any production!

Recommended for Acting Sep 12, 2017

Very talented and professional. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Jun 17, 2017

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Last minute call, Heather still managed to impress! Very professional! Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2017

Fantastic unique look. Very professional. Highly recommend. Keep up the great work.

Recommended for Acting Sep 5, 2016

Worked with Heather as a Presenter for a fashion segment. She was superb to work with. Enthusiastic, professional, improvised well. Can't recommend her enough.

Recommended for Acting Jul 14, 2016