Gavin Francis

Gavin Francis Pro

Guildford, United Kingdom


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Gavin was an absolute pleasure to interview on our radio show. He has so many wonderful stories to share, and his personality shines through. This guy deserves a big break! Top Man!

Recommended for TV & Reality May 11, 2019

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Thank you for your contribution to BSI's photoshoot. This was a successful event and we would be happy to work with you again.

Recommended for Modelling Dec 17, 2018

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Great profile well driven....

Recommended for Acting Nov 18, 2017

Gavin, guard to the Queen, will soon be coming mainstream! His personal life experiences are his rich repertoire for character development. Everyone who knows Gavin, wants him centre stage! Lets give him a chance to shine and shine on!

Recommended for Acting Nov 17, 2017

Recommended for Acting Feb 16, 2018

Recommended for Acting Nov 17, 2017