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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

161 cm / 5ft 3in
52 kg / 114 lbs
White / Caucasian
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Skin color:
66 cm / 26 in
77 cm / 30 in
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Crowjustice (Short) : Mary
  • Mustang (Feature Film) : Kim Parker
  • The Not So Diversity Sketch : Lead Actress
  • Pinewood Studios : SFX Model
  • Pinewood Studios : Period Hair Model
  • Varsity 2020 Anchorman Parody : Gang Leader
  • PG Tips Advert : Girlfriend
  • Miss Julie : Julie
  • No Place Like Holmes : Nurse Williams
  • Harvey Nichols Hereshons Hair Salon : Hair Model
  • The Hook Online : Comedy Actress
  • Beat The Street- Yahoo! Entertainment : Myself
  • The Faction Of Farce : Various comedy roles
  • Pinewood Studios : SFX & beauty model
  • No Budget Island- Love Island Spoof : Tammy (Lead)
  • X Factor Comedy Parody : Emma Lipa
  • Go On 'Arry World Cup Comedy Video : Footballer's Wife
  • The Comedy Feed- Top Secret Comedy Club Celebrity Interviews : Myself
  • Filthy, Rich & Catflap- The Bardstard's Tale (Rik Mayall Tribute Film) : Myself- Lead Actress
  • The Series OF Mana : Princess Purim- Lead Female
  • A Hoarders Horror Story Comedy Parody : Sarah- Lead Female
  • Sky 203's "A Different Kind Of Woman" Talk Show : "Slaying The Green Eyed Monster" episode regarding jealousy
  • Purple Ribbon LA Domestic Abuse Week : Speaker
  • Flipz- Fuck Da Boss hip hop video : Lead Actress
  • The Faction Of Farce- The Unborn Supremacy- Comedy Webseries : Kathy- Lead Actress
  • Uncivil War- Live Comedy Game Show : Presenter
  • "High On Music"- AJ Shaydz Music Video : Dancer/Actress
  • Star Galaxy Media : Lead Comedy Actress
  • An Exorcism- Virtual Reality Feature : Emma- Lead Actress
  • If Cain Were Abel- Fictional Podcast : Sally Sure- Lead female
  • Rise Of The Footsoldier 3 : Daughter
  • The London Detective- Virtual Reality Feature : Mae Harper- Lead Actress
  • Silver Bells- Short Film : Rachel Williams- Lead Actress
  • Perseverance- Virtual Reality Short Film : Amy Mills- Lead Actress
  • Brothers With No Game- Comedy Webseries : Supporting Actress
  • Age Of Enlightenment- Comedy Webseries : Game Show Contestant
  • Crawley News : Lifestyle Columnist
  • You Never Listen- Short Film : Gothic Alice
  • Jack Southeast- Feature Film : Crystal
  • UniLad : Article about surviving domestic violence to pursue a career in comedy
  • The Daily Mirror : Article about my journey to overcome domestic abuse
  • Crawley News : Article abut how I moved to West Sussex and overcame domestic violence to pursue a career in comedy
  • The Sun Newspaer : The Secret Domestic Abuse Scandal- Discussing my experiences with financial abuse
  • Spoonfed- Short Film : Athlete
  • Notting Kill- Short Film : Sadie
  • SNG TV- YouTube Comedy Channel : Hidden Camera Prankster/Improv Actress
  • Airteil- Short Film : Demon
  • The First Date- Short Film : Waitress
  • Coca Cola Advert : Presenter
  • US- Feature Film : Shop Worker
  • Modern Life Is Rubbish- Feature Film : Raver
  • Brash Young Turks- Award Winning Feature Film Spoof Trailer : Chav
  • King Korea "Talk To Me When I'm Gone" music video : Lead actress in a rock video by prolific uk director Steve Glashier
  • Kylo Black "Boom Boom Yeah" music video : Dancer/model
  • Ultimate Game Show : Contestant- pranks and challenges with the public
  • The Chrissy B Show : Sky 203 speaking about toxic relationships and domestic abuse
  • Prankcast : American comedy YouTube channel- General banter about prank channels and all things comedy!
  • "Characters" Tv documentary pilot for Channel 4
  • The Rob Saul Show- Comedy Radio Show : Regular guest
  • BBC Radio 4 "Is Porn Ethical?" : I spoke about adult performers making a transition into mainstream acting
  • Barry Bee Tv- YouTube Comedy Channel : Hidden Camera Prankster/Improv Actress
  • Twattery Tv- YouTube Comedy Channel : Hidden Camera Prankster/Improv Actress
  • Trollstation- YouTube Comedy Channel : Hidden Camera Prankster/Improv Actress
  • Love It! Women's Lifestyle Magazine : Interview about Cosplayers
  • The Sun Newspaper : Interview about webcam modelling for double page centre speread
  • The Sun Newspaper : Page 3 interview about my role in Game Of Thrones
  • "Dazed And Confused" for Channel 4 : Reality Show
  • BBC 3: Tiger's Take On Porn : Interview
  • Game Of Thrones : Hostess
  • French Vogue : Fashion shoot with photographer David Simms
  • "FILTH" The Movie : Myself
  • Amanda Ellis School Of Dance : Street Dance


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

I am a very experienced model and actress of 3 years, and I have attended acting classes since the age of 14. You can see my full list of credits in my "Experience" section, but Game Of Thrones, "FILTH- The Movie" with James McAvoy, Trollstation and Coca Cola are to name a few.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have been modelling since the age of 23, and have featured in many publications and websites. Here are some:

French Vogue
Page 3 of The Sun
London Fashion Week 2017
Areena Homme
People magazine
The Daily Star
Glamour Stars Live
Score Publications

And MANY more. You can see more of my credits in my "Experience" section.

TV & Reality

I have had a fair bit of Tv and reality experience, starring in documentaries and radio shows. Here are a few I have featured in:

Game Of Thrones Season 4
Sky 203 "The Chrissy B Show" speaking about toxic relationships/domestic abuse
The Sun double page spread article about modelling
Article in Sex Spy section of Love It magazine about Cosplay May 2014
BBC Radio 4 documentary on comedy
Channel 4 documentary "Dazed And Confused"
Men's Health magazine article- Tips on how to date a model
AskMen.com- Article about how models use social media to promote themselves
SafetyWatch online Australian magazine- Article on domestic abuse.

Again, full credits can be found in my "Experience" section of my profile.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Hip Hop

I have attended street dance classes since the age of 11 and still dance to keep fit now. I also have recently taken up pole dance classes and wish to progress this further. I have danced in street shows and at festivals across Wales and Bristol. I also recently featured as an exotic dancer in an online YouTube video and also for one of my friends who has just signed a record deal. Here is the video: http://www.vevo.com/watch/doghaus/down-dirty-(official-video)/GB1101500655.

The other one is not out yet.


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

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