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New South Wales, Australia
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Physical Attributes

157 cm / 5ft 2in
66 kg / 145 lbs
White / Caucasian
103 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
101 cm / 40 in
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • I Am Woman - feature film : "Honored Guest", on stage with 'Helen Reddy'
  • Gecko.Rent : TVC - Granny DJ
  • Step One TVC (Men's Underpants) : "Mrs Bonfire" - Featured/Speaking
  • The Salvation Army : Photo Shoot & Video Footage
  • Opal Retirement - Lumapixel : Featured/Sole Actor - A day in the life of a Dementia resident; Corporate video
  • Promotional Video - "Bold Not Old" : Director, Producer, Videographer & Editor
  • TVC - Nexgard : Actor (Gran, with dog) (Face obscured)
  • Spotify - Radio broadcast : Speaking - various characters
  • P&O, TVC : Grandma (Face obscured)
  • Australian Premiere Book Launch, Melbourne : "Mrs Bonfire" - Stand up comedy
  • "Hose Link" TVC : Actor/ Featured, speaking
  • "My 80 Year Old Flatmate" - TV Documentary Channel 7 : Actor/speaking
  • Step One - TVC : Mrs Bonfire - Featured/Speaking (sole actor)
  • Step One - TVC : Mrs Claus - Featured/Speaking (sole actor)
  • MAS Film Productions - "Voices" short film : Actor/speaking
  • VCLA Media: Advert/Film : Mrs Claus - Featured/Speaking
  • "Peter Rabbit" Feature Film : Extra
  • Marriage & Funeral Celebrancy - 8 short films (20 minutes each) - HAGproductions.com : Actor/ Featured, speaking
  • Short Film "Choice" - HAGproductions.com : Director, Videographer, Editor
  • Carol King - The Movie : Played the role of a dignitary
  • "Yo Sister! - The Salon" Comedy short film - HAGproductions.com : Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor
  • Australia's Got Talent : Stand up Comedy "Mrs Bonfire" - reached Semi Finals
  • My Guardian Films : Featured (sole actor); speaking
  • Belle Real Estate : Promotional film: Featured actor - Grandmother
  • "Yo Sister! - Recruitment" Comedy short film - HAGproductions.com : Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor
  • "Yo Sister! - The Abandoned Man" Comedy short film - HAGproductions.com : Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor
  • The Everest - TVC : Role as "The Queen"
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken - Christmas TVC : Featured role: "Granny"
  • A Place To Call Home - TV series : Body double for Noni Hazelhurst
  • SAE Short Film : Featured role "Granny"
  • Altura Learning : Medical Training Video - Home Care
  • Altura Learning : Featured role - aged person in nursing home
  • Health Department Internal video/medical waiting rooms : Hippie - Featured Actor
  • Film: Prostate Cancer 1 in 5 by HAGproductions.com : Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Music Video: Salvation Rap - HAGproductions.com : Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Educational Video (Macular Degeneration) : Nursing Home resident - Featured
  • Doctor Doctor - TV series : Extra (patient)
  • Sportsbet Television Commercial : Featured Role
  • EMCEE GRANNY III "Over Eighteen" - HAG Productions : Rapper - Featured: Music Clip (Also filmed & produced this video)
  • Travelodge commercials (x 3) (web, TV, social media) : Featured Actor
  • HETI eLearning - online training for nurses : Featured Model - Stills (Photographic shoot)
  • AUSTRALIA'S BIGGEST MORNING TEA - Cancer Council of NSW : Featured Actor (plus Photographic shoot/stills)
  • Music Rap Video: Apathy Say No - by HAGproductions.com : Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Cancer Council (Breast Cancer) : Speaking role
  • Cancer Australia (Cervical Cancer) : Featured Actor
  • Mamma Mia : Extra
  • Cochlear Australia : Featured Actor
  • The Good Cop - TV series : Featured speaking
  • The Letdown TV series : Stand-in for Noni Hazelhurst
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken TVC : Grandma
  • Stepathon TVC : Extra
  • Combination II - feature film : Actor
  • Deadly Women - Television series : Actor (speaking role)
  • Lottoland Television Commercial : Actor
  • Choosi Funeral Insurance Television Commercial : Featured actor
  • DAMP PLACES - Music Clip : Featured (and lip-syncing)
  • GET IN LINE - MUSIC CLIP : Featured Role
  • JACKIE CHAN - BLEEDING STEEL: Feature Movie : Extra
  • ROMANCING THE RICH - Short Film : Featured Extra (non speaking)
  • HERE COME THE HABIBS - Television Comedy Series : Featured Extra (non speaking)
  • Foxtel Ad : Featured actor (speaking role)
  • Choosi Funeral Insurance - TVC : Featured actor
  • Qantas : Featured extra
  • Foxtel Revolution TVC : Featured Actor
  • Masters Hardware TVC : Extra
  • Water Touch (film) : Featured extra
  • Teenage Kicks (Film) : Extra
  • Films: Teenage Kicks, Water Touch; Commercials - Masters Hardware, Qantas, Foxtel Revolution
  • Emcee Granny Music Video; Emcee Granny II Music Video : Main character: see Emcee Granny and Emcee Granny II on Youtube


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

I have written, produced and performed in various commercial videos; performed in live theatre; am a licensed theatrical agent; have been a keynote and after dinner speaker; was a voice-over and was a commercial radio broadcaster for some years.

Currently, I do roles in films, television and online commercials regularly, usually cast as the "elderly" lady, mother or grandmother.

Through StarNow, I work independently with my own ABN.

I am also a video producer, director, videographer and editor.

The Alexander Technique (Canberra Theatre)
Acting and Improvisation (College of Arts, Canberra)
Acting (Ensemble Theatre)
Certificate Master Film-making (Sydney Film and Television School)
Certificate Radio & Television (Australia Institute Radio & Television Production)
Drama and Theatre (Toronto College of Acting, Canada)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Stills photography for educational health professional training video 2018

Stills photography for Government Dementia training video 2018

Stills photography/modelling for Cervical Cancer Awareness 2017


Producer ability


May I invite you to view the music video which is on my profile, or look "Emcee Granny" up on Youtube or Facebook.

I 'fell' into this role as Emcee Granny. This music video idea was borne out of real life circumstances where I have reached a target audience of "abandoned" wives.. the video gives a comical look to a sad and serious subject.

Thank you!

TV & Reality

- Here Come the Habibs (2016)
- Television commercials (recent) - Foxtel Christmas commercial; Masters Hardware; Lottoland; Choosi Funeral Insurance
- Feature film: Bleeding Steel (Jackie Chan)
- Feature film: Combination II
- Interviewed on ABC TV, as a theatre producer
- Commercial videos and music video productions (Foxtel)
- Promotional work (my own company, www.HAGproductions.com) where I facilitated other people's appearances on television (e.g. Ray Martin Show, Good Morning Australia)

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Camera; Editor; Producer; Director; Writer
2019 - "Choice" - Short dramatic film - HAGproductions.com: Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor
2019 - "Yo Sister! - The Salon" Comedy short film - HAGproductions.com: Director, Writer, Videographer
2019 - Yo Sister! - The Abandoned Man" Comedy short film - HAGproductions.com: Director, Writer, Videographer, Editor
2019 - Marriage & Funeral Celebrancy - 8 short films (20 minutes each) - HAGproductions.com : Writer, Director, Videographer, Editor
2018 - I produced (created; filmed; edited) an educational video. Prostate Cancer "1 in 5"
2018 - I produced (created; filmed; edited) a rap music clip. Salvation Rap
2017 - I produced (created; filmed; edited) a rap music clip. apathy say no
2016 - I produced (filmed; edited) a lifestyle (gluten free) video
2014/2015 - I produced two rap music clips: Emcee Granny I and Emcee Granny II. (I also played the lead role as the rapper granny)
Please view my video page for some more samples of my work. Or visit my Youtube channel for loads of samples: Youtube channel is Dr Jay Harley.
1989 - 2013 - Wrote and produced numerous corporate videos for government organisations
Since 1987 - Director of HAG Productions (Art Music Film); Produced a variety of media; also live theatre, for example "Body and Soul".
1987 - Licensed Theatrical Agent
Thank you!


Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

My presenter experience includes several years as an announcer/news reader/talk back host on Brisbane radio.
I have also been an MC at events, and still undertake this role.
As an academic, I've MC'd and lectured at many conferences, workshops and events, and have been a key note and conference speaker on numerous occasions.
I have recently become a stand-up comedian and am excited about this new challenge.
As an actor and as a presenter, I love an audience and I am able to adapt to any product or service about which I am asked to MC.

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