David Duce

David Duce Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Professional, punctual, good communicator.

Recommended for Extras Aug 14, 2021

It was great working with David. He was quick to respond to correspondence before our shoot, arrived on time, and took direction perfectly. He is a kind and enthusiastic person who brings nothing but positivity into the environment. I highly recommend working with David on your next project - whether that be photoshoots, as an extra or an actor.

Recommended for Modelling May 24, 2021

David did an outstanding job on set for us, and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for reliable and easy to work with talent. David demonstrated adaptability, a willingness to help the production out, and was very generous with his time. He also delivered a very good performance that elevated the scenes he was involved in. Thank you David.

Recommended for Extras Apr 26, 2021

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David is easy going and fun to work with. Takes direction well and is very professional.

Recommended for Acting Apr 9, 2021

Really lovely and easy to work with!

Recommended for Extras Apr 2, 2021

David played a featured extra in my comedy short. He took direction very well and looked great on screen. David was also punctual, professional and a pleasure to have onset. I'd definitely recommend working with David.

Recommended for Extras Mar 30, 2021

David was a fantastic person to have on set. He has great energy & works really well with a range of different talent, including children. He has a great range of expressions & knows how to take direction extremely well! All the best David!

Recommended for Extras Nov 11, 2019

I can not recommend David enough! He is reliable, friendly and hardworking. Thank you for being part of my project David! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Recommended for Acting Oct 9, 2019

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It was such a great time working with David, he is such a nice person and very good listener. Thank you for your time

Recommended for Extras Sep 22, 2019

An absolute professional that took direction fast and well and was able to constantly give up his time for my production. David is a great guy to have on set!

Recommended for Extras Aug 30, 2019

David was very professional, was fun to have on set, willing to enjoy the work and followed direction excellently.

Recommended for Extras Aug 2, 2019

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A pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Extras Jul 29, 2019

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