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New South Wales, Australia
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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
90 kg / 198 lbs
Latinx / Hispanic
115 cm / 45 in
Skin color:
105 cm / 41 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Retreat (Feature Film) : Boom Operator
  • JZMNJYN Promotional Interview (Fire Entertainment) : Videographer
  • Welcome to The Galaxy : Location Sound
  • Pieces of Her : Background Extra (Dancer)
  • No Dawn : Boom Operator
  • KFC TVC : Background Extra (Partygoer)
  • Dhimahi (Feature Film) : 2nd AC
  • Princess DE LUXE Online Campaign : Lighting Assistant, BTS Videographer
  • Everything In Between : Production Runner
  • [Confidental] Corporate Video Project : 1st AC
  • The Disposables : Art Department Assistant
  • "This Is Not a Tonight Show" Proof Of Concept : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • The Wrong Ned : 1st AC, Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Death Doula : Sound Assistant
  • Carmen (Feature Film) : Regular Clubgoer (Extra)
  • OpenDAW Productions’ “Boxing Short” : Location Sound (Boom Operator)
  • Photoshoot with Sean C : Model
  • Sherbrooke Down: The Road to Cataract : Production Runner
  • Bella Vista Hotel Proof of Concept : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Gangster (Music Video) : 2nd AC, Lighting Assistant
  • Evie’s Dead (Short Film) : 1st AD, Lighting Assistant
  • Alana (Short Film) : 1st AC, Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Adam's Apple (Student Film) : Script Supervisor, Editor
  • ALIGN DANCE CO. (Online Course Material) : Videographer
  • Red Tape (Liam Blackall Music Video) : Videographer
  • WAHU Summer Toys Promotion : 1st AC, Camera Operator
  • Thirst (Short Film) : Production Assistant
  • Ministry of Entertainment Convention (LIVE IN JAPAN) : 1st AC
  • Dylan James and Friends (DemoReel Content) : Videographer
  • Ugly Carter (Feature Film) : Bump In Site Crew
  • Dylan James Photoshoot : Photographer
  • Njan Mikhael (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • The Last Shot (Student Short Film) : Casting Director, Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Rah Sharma "Kick-Start Filmmaker's Workshop" : Multicam Switcher
  • AllWheelsRental presents "Chef's Bites" : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • "American Psycho" Showreel - Laurence Wann : Videographer
  • "Elite" - Giuxeppe (Music Video) : Videographer
  • Slide Anthem - Rah Sharma : 1st AC, Lighting Assistant
  • Superhero (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • 2 Vegan Snacks (Youtube Premiere) : Post Sound (Consultant)
  • MARKED (Short Film) : Production Runner, Behind-The-Scenes
  • Deep Pockets, Empty Hearts (Short Film) : Behind-The-Scenes
  • Heavy (CXLOE Music Video) : Assistant Grip
  • Laurence Wann (Modelling Shoot) : Behind-The-Scenes
  • Planet A (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Passerby (Short Film) : Post Sound (Consultant)
  • "Truth About Rome" -(Promotional Interview) : Videographer
  • Live from Ultimo TAFE (Live Performance) : Camera Operator
  • The Intruders (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Overthink (Short Film) : 1st AC, Grip
  • Surtr (Short Film) : Co-Producer, Director of Photography
  • TIDE (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • Randwick TAFE : Diploma of Screen and Media (Ongoing)
  • Loftus TAFE : Certificate IV in Screen and Media
  • Her Too (Short Film) : Location Sound (Recordist), Grip
  • Ayotti (International TV Series) : Location Sound (Recordist), Grip, Camera Assistant
  • Make Music Day (Live Performance) : Jib Operator, Camera Operator
  • Stories That Count (Promotion) : Location Sound (Recordist), Data Wrangler, Editor
  • At The Therapist (Skit) : Location Sound (Recordist)
  • A Day In the Life (Student Short Film) : Shooter/Editor
  • Loftus Tramway Restoration (Student Documentary/Interview) : Director, Shooter/Editor
  • A Low Hum : Bartender (Extra)
  • Life on Campus : Student (Extra)
  • Subject Venus : Backpacker/Bandit (Featured Extra, Speaking Role)
  • Glove : Boxing Trainee (Extra)
  • Orange TV : " What foreigners think about traditional Czech names" : Reality Interviewee
  • Photoshoot with Presence Media : Model
  • "Only Man" - Last Thursday (Music Video) : Crowd Member/Bar Patron/Street Walker (Extra)
  • Haunted Love : Funeral Attendee (Extra)
  • Prosthesis Project - The Makeup Technicians : Prosthesis Model
  • Drinks Up : Partygoer (Extra)
  • A Natural History of Dragons : Smuggler (Extra)
  • AzizWhoTV | Round Table Drink Ups : Talk Show Participant
  • Low Key - Cosmo's Midnight (Music Video) : Thug
  • "Johnny and June" - Lyon Estate (Music Video) : Wedding Attendee


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

Acting agent

Extra Edge

  • English

  • Australian
  • French
  • Russian


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Extra Edge Talent

I have displayed my talent through a variety of roles, such as:
A Bartender ( A Low Hum)
Student (Life on Campus)
Backpacker/Bandit (Project Venus)
Boxing Trainee (Glove)
Crowd Member/Bar Patron/Street Walker (Only Man)
Funeral Attendee (Haunted Love)
Partygoer (Drink Up)
1800's Smuggler (A Natural History of Dragons)
Street Thug (Low Key)
Wedding Attendee (Johnny and June)


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Modelling agent

Extra Edge

Studio and Urban Photoshoot with Romel Management
Parkland Photoshoot for Private Marketing
A Prosthetic Model for a fantasy creature prosthetic application at The MakeUp Technicians.
Photoshoot with AzizWhoTV
Photoshoot with MovingDiary

TV & Reality

Participated in Orange TV 's "What foreigners think about traditional Czech names", as an interviewee.
This has reached over 100 000 views.

Participated in AzizWhoTV's "Round Table Drink Ups"

Slam Poet and Aspiring Novelist. Placed 2nd with a team in BPS Grand Slam 2018 to a crowd of over 900 people.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


Completed Statement of Attainment in Short Film Making.
CompletedCertificate IV in Screen and Media.
Diploma of Screen and Media (deferred indefinitely)


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

Shooting casual street and abstract photography.
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