Say ‘Hi’ to the Camera and Up Your Chances of Being Cast!
Posted by StarNow on 13 Jul, 2020

Say ‘Hi’ to the Camera and Up Your Chances of Being Cast!

If you do one thing this year to help you book your next role, make it this!

StarNow's 'Intro to Camera' videos for your profile are here, and we want to see you say 'Hi' to camera!

Getting cast in paid work usually involves getting face to face with a Casting Professional. Shortlisting top picks for a role (and sometimes booking the role) is often done by viewing your 'on camera' work, or by video chat.

We know that Casting Professionals are time poor and don't always have time to watch a showreel or schedule a zoom, and that some of you are still building up footage to create a showreel.

An 'Intro to Camera' video is a super simple, quick way for you to show yourself off, and for the Casting Professional to get a better idea of how you are on camera.

A glimpse of you simply introducing yourself can tell them so much – what your voice sounds like, if you get dimples when you smile, how your nose wrinkles up if you laugh, and more!

All you need is a smart phone or something to film on to create a 30 second video, upload it to your profile via our new 'Intro to Camera' section and we'll make your video highly visible on your profile, and when you apply for jobs.

If you'd like some top tips to get you started, read on, and check out these example videos:

Get set up to film:

  • Film yourself in landscape mode (with the phone held horizontal)
  • If you can, prop your phone on a stable surface, so you don't get wobbly/super close up footage
  • Find a neutral, tidy background – close that wardrobe, or make that bed!
  • Frame yourself so that your head and shoulders are in the middle of the shot – aim for a 'mid shot' so we can see you clearly, and don't cut the top of your head off!
  • Lighting! Don't film yourself with strong light coming from behind (Hint: don't stand in front of a window on a sunny day), or you'll just be a dark silhouette. Most of us don't have photographic lights at home, and that's ok! Shoot during the day using natural light and check your footage to make sure there are no major shadows on your face, making it hard to see you

What should I wear?

  • You should look like you, on a good day! It's fine to make an effort with hair and make up, but keep it reasonably natural – the Casting Professional should recognise you instantly when you meet for the first time
  • Wear something that makes you feel good, but that doesn't distract from your face – avoid hats, really 'busy' patterns or designs and don't even think about wearing sunglasses

What should I say?

  • This is a short (30 second) introduction from you – keep it short and simple
  • A good rule of thumb is to be yourself!
  • Say your name, where you are based, and perhaps include something interesting about yourself. Include details like your age, and height if you like, but don't feel you have to

Example scripts below:

'Hi, I'm John! I'm 20 years old and I live in Sydney. I love to surf, and acting is my passion. I've done some TV ads, and I've just completed an acting for screen course.'

'Hi there! I'm Sophie and I'm from London. I'm an experienced model and I'm confident and relaxed on set. I'm 5'8" and a size 6.'

'Good morning, I'm Mike. As you can hear, I have a Scottish accent, but I'm currently based in Manchester. I'm an actor and you can check out my work on the showreel on my profile. I'm often cast in bad guy roles, probably because I'm really tall!'

How do I upload my Intro to Camera?

  • Head to your StarNow profile, and go to 'Edit my Profile'
  • Select the 'Add an Intro to Camera' button and follow the upload instructions
  • You don't need to load your video onto YouTube first – we have a secure hosting system and will store your video for you
  • If you have any problems, just email us for help at

Good luck with your filming!

Remember, this video is going to help you get cast, so don't miss out on this simple but super effective way to show the Casting Professional who you are!