How to Keep Up Your Project’s Momentum During a Lockdown
Posted by Emily Draper on 14 Jun, 2020

How to Keep Up Your Project’s Momentum During a Lockdown

What a ride 2020 has given us already! We could never have predicted it would start on such a long-awaited high, delivering the sweetest of reunions between our beloved Brad and Jen (no, just us?) and then inextricably drop us into the crashing lows of a global pandemic outbreak. Way to go 2020.

It's probably safe to say that this sudden and life-altering change has given no-one time to prepare and left us all feeling a little high and dry. If you're feeling the same and wondering how you're going to keep going and see things through to the other side, take a read of our suggestions below.

1. Don’t feel defeated by it! If there's one upside to this pandemic it's discovering the amazing way we're all able to rally around and support each other. We're all in this together so don't forget to lean on others during this time.

2. Keep placing listings. It's free to place a listing on StarNow so ensure you maintain interest in your project by simply getting it out there. We've amended our listings so talent are aware key dates are subject to change – it's fine to keep things 'TBC' for now.

3.Create saved lists. Whether you're doing this through our application management system or by scrolling through the Talent Directory, it's a good idea to create saved lists of talent based on roles you know you'll be looking to cast. You'll save yourself time and be ready to shortlist as soon it's safe to do so!

4. Investigate online auditions. If you're not already asking for self-tapes now is probably the time to change that! Self-tapes are a great tool to utilise when looking for any talent as it creates less of a barrier to apply. Be prepared to provide clear instructions for what you expect to see and receive in a self-tape, but once you have you're already half way to casting for your next role!

5. Work on yourself. Spend some time updating your own credentials whether that means your external website, portfolios or social media accounts. It's just as important for talent to be able to see your previous work and help you to establish your credibility.

6. Give a recommendation. You can use StarNow to recommend the wonderful talent you've worked with through our site! Encouraging everyone to give recommendations where they're warranted makes it easier for you to spot the pros when you're casting!

7. Update your advertiser profile. Talent have long had profiles because we know it's great to put a face to a name, but now it works both ways! Tell talent a little about yourself and make sure you're attracting the best of the best.

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