Talent of the Month — Lawrence Brown
Posted by Maddison Baker on 03 Mar, 2019

Talent of the Month — Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown is an actor and model from London. He has shot for the likes of Starbucks and Gandys and shares some great advice on how to make the most of StarNow, “use it every day and read the detail in the jobs that match your searches as they give guidance on what to include in applications and what is required for that type of work.”

How long have you been on StarNow, and what prompted you to join?
I joined years ago but have been an active user the past two years.

How has StarNow helped to shape your career?
StarNow has given me access to clients and agencies looking for talent, and also helped me understand what casting professionals are looking for. I've found some great jobs and built good relationships with clients, which has led to more work and opportunities too.

Why do you like using StarNow over other platforms?
The application process is straight forward and the alerts for matching jobs are great to keep on top of what is out there. The quality of the jobs and people using the platform sets it apart too, I can trust jobs that come through StarNow more than a lot of other platforms.

What was your first modelling job, and how did you land that position?
My first job on StarNow was a corporate video shoot in Canary Wharf, with a client I have now booked five jobs with. They were looking for a number of young professional looking models, I fitted the bill! Since working with such a great client, I gained the confidence needed to apply for bigger jobs.

What’s the best moment of your career so far?
Flying to Turkey to shoot for the Gandys' SS18 look book. I met five amazing models on the job and we had the trip of a lifetime shooting for Gandys in some bucket list locations. The best bit is, I made some amazing friends for life.

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?
To go to space in my 40's.

How did you land the job with Starbucks?
I saw a well written and detailed listing on StarNow, not mentioning which brand it was for, so I applied and went along to a casting, which went very well. Only once I had booked the job and was sent a call sheet was it revealed that the client was Starbucks. It was one of the best shoots I've done to date.

Talk a bit about the work that you've done. What does a typical day on set look like?
I recently filmed a short film for Rolls-Royce. I received my call sheet a day before so I knew where to be and what sort of wardrobe I needed to bring.

On the first day you arrive early, get comfortable with the team, then review the script so you have a feel for the story as a whole, before cracking on with hair, makeup and filming. I had lunch with the clients from Rolls-Royce which gave me a real feel for the brand and their culture that could be portrayed in the production.

It's a full on day when you're the lead, but the production teams are generally great at getting the best out of you, and sensing when breaks are needed or when to switch what we're doing to keep it fresh.

At the end of the project you may be tired, but have a great feeling of accomplishment and companionship with the team, having spent a few days together working hard and having a lot of fun alongside it.

If you could have dinner with any actor, who would it be and why?
Anthony Hopkins, as I feel he doesn't take anything too seriously but has deep understanding and detailed knowledge on anything he touches.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Keep listening to your own inner voice. It gets quieter the more you ignore it, and you really need it.

You're an active member of StarNow and have a profile full of awesome photos. Do you have any advice for people looking to make the most of the site?
Use it every day and read the detail in the jobs that match your searches as they give guidance on what to include in applications and what is required for that type of work.

What qualities would you say are most important to being successful in your field?
Tenacity – keep going forward with the same drive and confidence every day. You have to keep trying regardless what happened yesterday. Better opportunities will only appear if you keep moving forward.

You are signed with Majestic Models! What did you look for when finding an agent?
Try and speak and get a feel for the team at the agency, and go with a team who get you. It will be much easier communicating, working together and having a career, as opposed to just going to any job that comes up.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I hold a national record for knocking my opponent out in four seconds in a kickboxing tournament.

How would you like to see your career evolve in the next five years?
Well, I like to do things the "old fashion way,"" and I have my heart set on an iconic role which embodies the classical all round gentleman. I'm actively shaping my jobs and learning for this.

Want to see more of Lawrence? Check out his StarNow profile!

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