How These Past Hollywood Immersive Winners are Living the Dream
Posted by Kalista Campbell on 18 Oct, 2018

How These Past Hollywood Immersive Winners are Living the Dream

We recently caught up with some of the past winners of Hollywood Immersive to see what they've been up to since winning the ultimate actor's prize. The answer? They're doing great.

Judah Simard was the winner of one of our first ever Hollywood Immersive competitions back in 2011 at the ripe old age of 16. Sanjar Madi from Kazakhstan stood out from thousands of applicants to win back in late 2015, with Sydney's Annelise Hall winning in 2016.

We chatted with these lovely folk to see where life after Hollywood Immersive has taken them…

Describe your Hollywood Immersive experience in five words:

Sanjar: Unbelievable, motivating, true, inspiring, and friendly.

Annelise: It completely changed my life!

Judah: An eye-opening and insightful experience.

What have you been up to since attending Hollywood Immersive?

Sanjar: I've become a father and I've starred in a bunch of movies and TV series. Two of them are currently screening in international film festivals and picking up awards. I've also starred as the lead in the feature film Paris Song, alongside Abbie Cornish.

Annelise: At the moment I'm studying musical theatre full-time at a performing arts school in Sydney. I'm there 8:30-4:00 everyday training in acting, dancing and singing. I also went back to the US and did some more networking, collabs and classes in both Los Angeles and New York. I was cast in a few short films this year, in particular, a film called 'Chrysalis', in which I played the lead, Elora. I worked quite a bit on that project, travelling around New South Wales for the shoot – but it was a super fun character to delve into. We finish shooting for the film this month! I've also worked on a few commercials this year. The most recognised being the fourth instalment of the Freeview TV ads, playing Jen Freeman. On top of that, I did shoots for King Living and worked on a bunch of comedic, promotional videos for different clients.

Judah: Since attending Hollywood Immersive I've moved to L.A. and am currently working on shows such as Hulu's Chance and NBC's The Good Place along with indie features and short films.

What’s your advice for anyone considering applying to our latest Hollywood Immersive competition?

Sanjar: It's a really great experience to have. Take the chance to change your life and achieve your goals.

Annelise: I would say definitely go for it! You may think you have zero chance, but so did I! Work hard on what you put forward, keep your StarNow profile up-to-date and looking professional – and if you're selected as a finalist, choose a monologue that shows you off and that reflects your type/brand.

Judah: Don't do a piece for your audition that you think the judges will like, do something that you find to be truthful and displays your abilities as an actor and storyteller. And have fun with it!

Any successes or other news you'd like to share with us?

Annelise: I'm excited to share that I was cast in my first professional musical, Aspects of Love, playing in Sydney from November. We start rehearsals for that in a few weeks! This year I've also worked on musicals – Oklahoma and Spring Awakening.

In terms of other successes, after the musical, I'm not too sure what the next step will be – perhaps training more, heading to LA, travelling and just working when I can. I'm excited to see what happens next!

For all actors/performers/musicians out there – feel free to message me on Instagram if you're looking for more advice about Hollywood Immersive!

Our current Hollywood Immersive competition is on now – so if you haven't applied – what are you waiting for?

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