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Photographer, Film producer / Manager, Lighting Crew Member, Camera Operator, Writer / Director

Stevenage, United Kingdom
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  • We're Watching (Pre-Production) : Director of Photography
  • Underperforming (Short) (Post-Production) : Director of Photography
  • Positive Action (Short) : Director of Photography
  • Their War (Short) : Casting Director
  • Balloon (Short) : Director of Photography
  • Welcome To Welloak (Pre-Production) : Director of Photography
  • Soldiers of Embers (Post-Production) : Director of Photography
  • Soldiers of Embers (Post-Production) : Armourer
  • Positive Result (Short) : Producer
  • Positive Result (Short) : Director of Photography
  • Tell Vanessa (Series 2) : Head of Camera and Lighting
  • Papadums (Series Pilot) : Director of Photography
  • The Terrible Old Man (Short) : Director of Photography
  • The Bad Boy (Short) : Producer
  • The Bad Boy (Short) : Director of Photography
  • Typical? (Short) : Camera Operator
  • Tell Vanessa (Series 1) : Camera Operator
  • Pandorica : Prop Hire
  • Hansel & Gretel : Camera Operator
  • Cinderella : Camera Operator
  • The Extraction (Short) : Pyrotechnician / Armourer

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Director of Photography: I have recently expanded my capability into running camera and lighting departments as Director of Photography for a number of short films, feature films and TV series. I have grown into this new role quickly and have received numerous recommendations for my quality of work. I am currently reworking my show-reel to reflect my new work. I would like to focus on this area of work moving forward.

Camera Operator: I have many years of experience in filming live stage events, predominantly music concerts and pantomime, often in very low light, as well as Corporate promos and some work for cruise companies. I am looking to move into filming shorts and feature films and have worked on set in other capacities (The Extraction - 2012, Pandorica - 2016). I have access to my own camera equipment.

Armourer/Pyrotechnician/Prop Hire: I have worked on several productions providing props for combat films; predominantly firearms and bladed weapons. I am a trained stage pyrotechnician and so have assisted in managing effects as well. I can provide a large variety of stage props from small pistols, to large machine guns, and then to swords, knives, axes and staffs. I have a network of contacts that can provide expert training and support for the use of the equipment by on-screen talent.


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