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New South Wales, Australia
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Non edited version of Eternal flame

Non edited pure clean voice looking to collobrate with a band

01Non edited version of Eternal flame
02Non edited version of Heart Shaped Box.

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
90 cm / 35 in
64 kg / 140 lbs
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
86 cm / 34 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
63 cm / 25 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • BCW AUSTRALIA Pro wrestler / stunt woman : Pro wrestler
  • Aryavision pictures : Feature Film "RISEN" (Featured extra / stunt fight scene Marine Soldier) I perform all my own fight scenes.(still in production)
  • Cannes film festival (France) Majestic Films : Released latest Doco (Beyond the Canvas) at Cannes Film Festival
  • Majestic Film : Main Actor named Debbie Kai on Feature Film "HOTEL UNDERGROUND" Still in production
  • Department of Education : Modeling as a Female Drummer for a online Web Ad
  • "Blue Murder" channel 7 : Featured Extra
  • BLIND DATE AUSTRALIA 2018 : Contestant on Channel 10s Blind Date
  • "Back of the Net" Featured Film for Hollywood staring Disney's own Sofia Wylie : Featured Extra played the role of the ETeam Soccer Coach
  • National Geographic : Featured Actor in the Documentary "When Sharks Attack in Australian Waters"
  • Housos vs Fat Pizza WILD ACROSS STRAYA TOUR 2017 : Stage show Actress/Singer played by my character Hayley Rock from the tv show Housos
  • Disney : (Surfer Girl) on the Feature Film "Rip Tide" (Extra)
  • WWE2k 16 (Wrestling) : "Video Game Character" (Wrestler Niki Nitro) Been Downloaded 400+ times so far. Highly recommended by loyal ga mers Globally used Video Game Character
  • High road "Movie" : Extra (Bikie Chick)
  • Harmony "Feature Film" : Play a Doctor (Actor/Extra)
  • Hide and Seek "Tv series" : Actor/Extra
  • Kevin Dean : Wormwood Asylum Masquade "Featured actor" By Author/film maker Kevin Dean
  • whiteronin Productions : Lead Actress in Feature Horror Film Centennial Park
  • Rabbit Productions : Actress/Extra in Feature Film Dumb Criminals to be released Oct 22nd Cinemas & also a web series.
  • Superchoko Productions : Housos Vs FatPizza MOVIE/FEATURE FILM (Hayley Barmaid/Frankys Chick) Actress/Stunt Woman
  • Rabbit Productions : Actress/Stunt Woman (Secret Project)MOVIE/FEATURE FILM
  • Bogan Hunters Channel 7Mate : Actress/Stunt woman
  • Elitist Code Fashion : Runway/Catwalk Model
  • Housos Season 2 on SBS ONE : Main Actor on Season 2 of Housos. Shown on TV station SBS One I play the character of Hayley who is Franky's girlfriend.
  • Super Star Wars (Pro Wrestling) : Professional Wrestler/Manager + Stunt Woman
  • The Big Event (Signing with the Wrestling Superstars) : VIP Intertnational Wrestling Guest.
  • FWE Pro Wrestling : Professional Wrestler/Manager + Stunt Woman
  • Lucky 13 Pro Wrestling : Professional Wrestler/Manager + Stunt Woman
  • NEW New England Wrestling : Professional Wrestler/Manager + Stunt Woman
  • CTWE Professional Wrestling : Professional Wrestler/Manager + Stunt Woman
  • In the Ring (Wrestling Show) : Me as International Professional Wrestlier Featured on their (Wrestling Show)
  • Ring Fever : Host TV Personality (Wrestling Show)
  • Center Ring : Host TV Personality (Wrestling Show)
  • Housos V's Authority : Hayley Barmaid/ Actor on Housos V's Authority (Nick name, Titts the Barmaid)
  • Rhino Roof Racks : Sports/ Physical Lifestyle Model for Rhino Roof Racks
  • Burnout Warriors Goulburn Raceway : VIP Guest Judge/ Model & TV personality for the Event
  • LCW Newfound Land Canada : International Professional Wrestler/ Stunt Woman
  • Fabbled Apps Video Games : I am a Virtual Relality Video Game Character. To be released in January 2013
  • Unsigned Music Artist Mitchell Dimmich : Main Featured Actor in his New Release EP Music Clip
  • EPW Mumbai India : International Professional Wrestler / Manager & Stunt Woman
  • Burnout Mayhem (Easten Creek Raceway) : VIP Guest Judge/ Model & TV personality for the event.
  • 2 Sha'e Fashion : Fashion Model
  • Boho Fox Fashion : Fashion Model
  • Adam Dean Magician, comedian & Illusionist : Magicians Assistant & Illusionist
  • WWX Wrestling Australia : Professional Wrestler/Manager & Stunt Woman
  • PWAQ Wrestling Australia : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • PROWL Wrestling : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • Jonathan Hartland Photography : Beginner Model
  • ICW Adelaide : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • Jenna Dwyer's Fight Like a Girl Music Clip : Actor/ Professional Wrestler
  • Paulo Goncalves Photography : Beginner Model.
  • SMASH X Wrestling : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • ICW Wrestling Australia : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • ALPHA PRO Wrestling Australia : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • SWA Wrestling Australia : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • NITEMARE WRESTLING : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • CWA (Championship Wrestling Australia) : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • IWA : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • UWA (Ultimate Wrestling Allience) : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • WXA Wrestling X-Treme Australia : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • Randwick Colledge : Fitness Instructor
  • ACW Australian Championship Wrestling : Professional Wrestler / Manager
  • Lake Illawarra High : Studied Drama


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Maori
  • Russian

*Featured Extra on Hollywood Disney movie "Back of the Net" with Sofia Wylie to be released in cinemas September 2018
*Featured Actor on National Geographic "When Sharks Attack" in Australian Waters
*Featured Extra on "High Road"
*Extra on Disney's "Rip Tide". Feature Film
*Extra on channel 9 tv series Hide and Seek
*Main Lead Actress named Gumdrop
in "Wormwood Aslyum Masqurade"
Based from the novel "Wormwood Asylum"
*Main Lead Actress in "Centennial Park".
*Actress in "DUMB CRIMINALS" Featured Film.
*Actress/Stunt Woman in "FAT PIZZA VS HOUSOS." This is my 2nd Movie
*Actress/Stunt Woman on TV Show "BOGAN HUNTERS"
*Actress / Stunt Woman On SBS2 in the TV series "HOUSOS".
My characters name is (Hayley) Who is the DeFacto/ Barmaid of the Lead Character (Franky Falzoni) Paul Fenech Who also is the Director, Producer & Creator of Housos, Fat Pizza, Swift & Shift Couriers, Bogan Hunters & many Australian Movies.
I'm also in the Housos Vs Authority Movie featured in Cinemas across Australia November 2012

*Professional Wrestler/Stunt Woman & Entertainer (*AKA- Miss Niki Nitro*) for the past 15 years.
(Ive Traveled Globally Entertaining People)*Live Performance & TV*
*I Wrestle with many Wrestling Companies across Australia & around the World*.
*Trained by some of the Best Australian & International Wrestlers in the World.
*Mario Milano
*Andy Harpas
*Wayne Pickford
*Steve Rackman
*Phil Atlas Can Am Wrestling School Canada
*Mikey Taylor Former WWE, FCW, NXT Superstar
*Sonny Siaki Former WWE, WCW, NWA, TNA Superstar
*Rhino Former ECW, WWE, TNA
*Antonio Thomas WWE One half of the Heart Throbs
*Matt Hardy WWE,TNA

*I can be found on all Social Media sites
Facebook/ Niki Nitro
Twitter @NikiNitro22
You Tube @nikinitropwaq
Instagram Niki_Nitro22_Hayley_Housos

*2012* -*2015*:
*Main Actor on Australian Rapper Hip Hop Artist kerser's music Video called "Taken Away"
*Actor on Bogan Hunters [special addition]
*Actor on "Fatpizza vs Housos" Movie Released across Australian cinemas this December 2014 Directed by Pauly Fenech
*Runway Fashion Model for "Elitist Code"
*Actor on "Bogan Hunters" TV show to be shown in 2014 Directed by Pauly Fenech
*Actor / Stunt Woman in Music Clip (Fade Away) For (Heavy Metal Band) Carbon Black
*Main Actor / Stunt Woman On SBS One in a TV series called "Housos" I play the character of (Hayley) Franky's Girlfriend/ Barmaid in Sunnyvale Sydney Directed by Pauly Fenech
*Magicians Assistant / Illusionist for "Magician" Adam Dean.
*Actor / Lifestyle Sports Model & Presenter for Rhino *Roof* Racks
*VIP International Guest & Presenter on Center Ring a Wrestling TV Talk show in the (USA)
*VIP International Guest & Presenter on Ring Fever a Wrestling TV Talk Show in the (USA)
*VIP International Guest on In the Ring a Wrestling TV talk Show in the (USA)
*Actor / Wrestler & Stunt Woman Toured Canada 14 days & Wrestled on a Live PPV *International Superstar*
*Actor / Extra For Featured Unsigned Music Artist Mitchell Dimmich.
*Actor/ Extra in the movie
*Housos Vs Authority*
That was released in cinemas back in Nov 2012 Directed by Paul Fenech
*Actor/ Wrestler & Stunt Woman Toured India 1st ever *Australian Wrestler* to Perform on Indian TV (International Superstar)
*Actor *Main Character* on a Virtual Video game called Dino Hunters
*Actor/ Extra for TAB sports bet
*Been Interviewed on many *Wrestling Radio talk shows* International VIP Guest
*VIP Guest Celebrity Judge for *Burnout Mayhem*
*Main Actor/ Stunt Woman & Wrestler Featured in a song called Jenna Dwyers *Fight Like a Girl* It Hit top of the charts across the UK.
*Featured in Spanish Wrestling magazine **
*Featured in British wrestling magazine. *British Wrestlers Reunion* Headlined as one of Australia's top Female Wrestling Superstars of today.
*Featured in Australian Wrestling Magazine. *Wrestle Hussle*.
*Lead Magicians Assistant for *Adam Dean*. Magician, Comedian & Illusionist throughout the world.
*Sports Lifestyle Model & Pr


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

*Australian Beauty & Hair College -Painted Model as a (Lion)
*Drags & Divas Australisian Beauty & Hair College 2016 - Current
(Kesha Look alike runway model)
(Hair/Makeup Catwalk Runway Model)
*Etilist Code Fashion 2014 - Current
(Fashion Runway Model)

*Rhino Roof Racks 2012 - Current (Sports / Lifestyle Model)

* Burnout Warriors 2012 - (VIP Guest Judge & Model & Guest Appearance as my Wrestling Character Niki Nitro)

*AJP Photography 2012 - Current (Fashion Model)

*Jonathan Hartland Photography 2011 - Current (Fashion Model)

*Burnout Mayhem 2011 - (VIP Guest Judge & Model)

*Paulo Goncalves Photography 2010 - Current (Fashion Model)

*Boho Fox 2011 - Current (Fashion Model)

2 Shae Designs 2011 - Current (Fashion Model)

(All projects were Paid.)


Queen of hearts foundation (Ambassador) Demostic violence against women


Drumming ability


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Hip-hop
  • Country

Influences: Ffdp, Slayer, Metallica, Desturbed, Megadeth, Iron Maden, Pantera, Rammstein, Acdc, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Korn

Not professionally trained but can pick up a beat by playing by ear..
Vocalist for a High School band
Attended Choir through out Primary school and High School.

I am a Huge fan of Rock & Metal Music \m/ & would Love to once again be apart of a Band if given the Opportunity

TV & Reality

2018-"BLIND DATE AU"(Contestant)
2016-"HARMONY" (Actor/Extra)
2016- "HIDE AND SEEK" (Extra)
(Actor Feature Film) This is my 3rd Movie released October 22nd 2015 also is a web series.
(Special Addition Bathurst 100)
2014- "KERSER" Rap Artist/Hip Hop
(Music Video Taken Away)
2014 - "FAT PIZZA VS HOUSOS" *MOVIE* (Actor /Extra) this is my 2nd movie shown across cinemas in Australia this December.
2013 - "BOGAN HUNTERS" (Actor/ Stunt Woman)
2013 - "CARBON BLACK" Heavy metal band (Actor/Stunt Woman) Video to be shown on Music channel Rage
2012-2013 - "HOUSOS" T.V. Series 2 (Actor named Hayley) & (Stunt Woman)
2012-2013 "HOUSOS V'S AUTHORITY *MOVIE* (Actor / Extra) Shown across Cinemas in Australia
2012-2013 "LCW" Legend City Wrestling Canada (Featured Actor/Wrestler) On the Canadian TV Network
2012-"TAB" Sports Bet (Actor/Extra) T.V Ad
2012- "CHANNEL 7 AIRWAYS" (Featured Actor & Advertised Professional Wrestler / Stunt Performer for Tiger Airways)
2012- "FABBLED APPS" (Virtual Video Game Character) 2013
2012- "RHINO ROOF RACKS" (Sports Physical Lifestyle Model & Presenter)
2012- "AJP PHOTOGRAPHY" (Live Fashion Model)
2011- "JENNA DWYERS FIGHT LIKE A GIRL" (Music Clip. Featured Wrestling Stunt Performer & Actor)
2011- " MAGICIAN ASSISTANT FOR ADAM DEAN" (Live Performer ) (I travel across Australia as a Magicians Assistant)
2010 - "PAULO GONCALVES PHOTOGRAPHY" (Live Fashion Model)
2010- "CHANNEL 31 THE GORILLA POSITION" (Melbourne's local T.V network station)(Featured Actor & Performer)
2009 - "IWA WRESTLING" (Featured Wrestling Stunt Performer & Actor)
2009 - "THE WRONG SHOW"(Actor)
2007 - "HOME & AWAY" (Actor / Extra numerous times)
2005 -"FAT PIZZA" ( Featured Wrestling Stunt Performer & Actor)


Film & Stage Crew

High School Theater


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Maori
  • Russian

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