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165 cm / 5ft 5in
Middle Eastern
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I have been acting all my life and am great at it. I have the talent needed for any new project, I also know the dialogue by heart of over 70 films and I act the parts perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!move over Brittany and Ashley sounding voices my =voice is the one everyone is looking for that is not associated with an 18 year old cause everyone thinks all new singers have to sound like minnie mouse and I have a beautiful voice. Please call me to have me send you my tapes so that you can see my acting and my singing. I will become the next big star. I dont know how, but I will make it. Some talent scout will see my talents. DOESNT THIS SOUND LIKE A SCRIPT FOR A GREAT NEW MOVIE , SOME OF THE IDEAS OF THIS SCRIPT ARE NOT FICTIONAL, THEY ARE REAAL AND SO I CAN RELIVE AND ACT THE PART NO PROBLEM. OUR FAMILY ARE THE ACTORS OF THIS REAL LIFE DRAMA WE LIVED IT WE HAVE TO PORTRAY IT THIS WILL BECOME A MOVIE AND A BEST SELLER WITH NAMES CHANGED

TV & Reality

my family would make the best reality show.Move over Osbornes!!Also, I would love to be in a reality tv show. I also have an idea for a new show. How a good girl raised with good values and basically a homebody can have a good time showing how a show can reward her good disposition of not being a total whore skank slut like so many others are these days.


I have been dancing all my life. I have the moves needed and the look!!!!!!!!!
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